Use The Word Suffer


Animal-eaters often hear animal rights activists/advocates/vegans refer to all animals as “sentient beings”.

What ‘sentient’ means is the capacity to perceive, sense and feel. Thus all animals can think, feel emotion (joy through sadness and grief), and experience pain and/or a sense of well-being. It comes with having a nervous system.

Non-human animals suffer the most prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter than any human or group of humans on the planet.

And they suffer it by the hands of humans.

It is the largest, longest running Holocaust in the universe.

People of religion and atheists alike blame that condition, that State Of Affairs, on God.

I put the blame on the ones committing the atrocities.

Plants don’t SUFFER. Animals do SUFFER.

SUFFER needs to be used in any such legal argument. Any animals who have nervous systems SUFFER.

Why use the word ‘sentient’ when nobody you’re trying to convince knows what it means?

All humans relate to the word SUFFER.

It’s in their DNA. Use it.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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