Being White In Cleveland

If you’re not Black in Cleveland you don’t matter. The activists spewing hatred for all white people are the real racists. White people became racially sensitive decades ago while black people held onto something they could exploit for money, benefits and preferential treatment in all areas of living – private and public. The only problemContinue reading “Being White In Cleveland”

The Root Is It, Not The Cow

Plants have roots. Humans don’t have roots. Just because a human plants itself into a town and for centuries stays there doesn’t mean they don’t have the physical capability to move away from that town. Or flee. Plants can’t. Where they are sown, they stay and grow or die before they’re able to seed again.Continue reading “The Root Is It, Not The Cow”

Self-Correcting Behavior vs Collective Punishment

Self-correcting behavior means you see what’s coming and you correct your own behavior before outside forces feel compelled to correct it for you. By force is usually how the outside force operates. Be smart. Do it your way so the universe will overlook you when it sends a blanket correction to all life. That’s calledContinue reading “Self-Correcting Behavior vs Collective Punishment”

Should Congress Pass Bills RE: Coronavirus/COVID-19 That Treat Races Differently?

HWH COMMENTARY: The African community leaders in the USA want racial data on all coronavirus/COVID-19 victims to check for, “disparities in the national response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is taking a disproportionate toll on African Americans and other nonwhite populations” What that means is they already have their statistical models set up according toContinue reading “Should Congress Pass Bills RE: Coronavirus/COVID-19 That Treat Races Differently?”

Illinois governor clears thousands of marijuana convictions

HWH COMMENTARY: This can’t happen fast enough. While they’re at it, release from prison all non-violent offenders. Revenge needs to stop and rehabilitation begin for those who need it, who are currently serving sentences for non-violent crimes. The article refers to Black aka Africans as benefiting the most from this new law. It’s unfortunate thatContinue reading “Illinois governor clears thousands of marijuana convictions”

Kamikaze Maneuvers On the Rise

President Trump isn’t doing enough about white supremacists, says CNN cable opinion news broadcasters. That’s because the Jews burnt their own temples and the Africans their own villages. So yeah, be on the alert for Kamikaze maneuvers to gain political capital. Come on this is a no brainer. Stop looking for consensus before you evenContinue reading “Kamikaze Maneuvers On the Rise”

It’s The Jews

Yes, the Jews are creating discord among the American populace using movies, news rooms and social media as their vehicle for their disruption. It is those who write and edit and transmit the scripts via ear buds and teleprompters who determine the moods and actions of those who watch, listen and read. The problem isn’tContinue reading “It’s The Jews”