Bring Back Orientals Make Russia A Continent

Bring Back The Word Orientals Make Russia A Continent Asians that I talked to said they never minded the Oriental designation. After all, they were different than Russians, Turks and Indians/Pakistanis. It was the activists who used it as a strategy to get Orientals attention and bring non-Orientals into their fold by making it lookContinue reading “Bring Back Orientals Make Russia A Continent”

New Australian law requires verbal consent for sex

HWH NOTE: Saying NO didn’t work. “I didn’t think she meant no”. Did she say yes? “Well I thought she was saying yes.” Did you hear the word yes from her? No. The nuances of sexual consent have been on the table recently thanks to the #MeToo movement, and one state in Australia is tryingContinue reading “New Australian law requires verbal consent for sex”

For Those Who Think Slavery Doesn’t Exist

  Australia’s ‘Modern Slavery’ Proposal Falls Short | Human Rights Watch In mid-August Australia’s justice minister proposed a new law requiring the country’s biggest companies to report on their practices and policies to prevent forced labour in their operations and supply chains. The government wants to ensure that consumer products like food, electronics, and clothing – whetherContinue reading “For Those Who Think Slavery Doesn’t Exist”