Capital Punishment Equals Ritualistic Slaughter

BEING KICKED IN THE TEETH CAUSES CHAOS 7- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, promotes ritualistic, organized, systemic slaughter of humans as punishment for crimes against the state. An eye for an eye is the law of the land even though church is required by decree to separateContinue reading “Capital Punishment Equals Ritualistic Slaughter”


Well sure it does, if the act of stealing, assaulting, killing and all other criminal activity are no longer considered crimes. The behavior still exists, but our view of it changes. Punishment becomes non-existent. Prisons disappear. Street justice mafia-style will reign. It’s barbaric, but so are prison systems as they exist today, no matter theContinue reading “CRIME GOES AWAY IF POLICE GO AWAY?”

Thousands of animals sacrificed in Nepal Hindu ritual amid outcry

HWH ClipBoard: * Killing can be halted immediately. What to do with the animals after that takes some planning. How do they get all those animals in one place? * If we are all God’s creatures, why would anyone think to savagely murder defenseless creatures on behalf of the one who supposedly created them? ToContinue reading “Thousands of animals sacrificed in Nepal Hindu ritual amid outcry”