RE: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians

HWH ClipBoard: Now that the word Indians will be removed from the Cleveland baseball franchise name, does that mean the word Indian is offensive like the word nigger is to blacks? If so, they’re going to have to change the name of their congress in Washington D.C.: National Congress of American Indians(NCAI) to another lessContinue reading “RE: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians”

To Concede Or Not To Concede?

Forcing someone to concede losing when that loss has already been determined is meant to further humiliate the loser. Traditionally political candidates concede to the person who won over them. Why? The proof is in the vote count. Why in addition to that does the winner need to gloat by demanding a concession by theContinue reading “To Concede Or Not To Concede?”

Cleveland Indians will remove Chief Wahoo logo in 2019

by CORKY SIEMASZKO Chief Wahoo is history.The Cleveland Indians will remove the logo that many Native Americans find racist from its baseball caps and jerseys starting in the 2019 season, Major League Baseball announced Monday. In a statement, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said he told team owner Paul Dolan that it was time to mothballContinue reading “Cleveland Indians will remove Chief Wahoo logo in 2019”