Thankful To Be An American Black

I have said from the beginning that I’m not here to belittle my own black race at all. To do that only shames the process of sharing ideas, and wanting to inspire those who truly want to make an honest change in their lives for the better. However, for black people to grow, we needContinue reading “Thankful To Be An American Black”


INPO SUCCESS IS BEST SERVED NOW 13 FEB 2019 If a cop knows that a young boy will be murdered if he snitches, then the cop has to find a better solution. No more Machiavellian’s way. You put a bad apple out of business and you snuff out a budding young mind that isContinue reading “SNITCHING”


A BRIEF HISTORY Being a black man, who had issues about race and self-identity from a young age, I’ve always wanted to assimilate, because I saw all of the things that the white race created and gave to the rest of the world. Unfortunately my family was very pro-black, and I could see the racismContinue reading “A BRIEF HISTORY”