Yes That’s Right; you heard it here first

I put my family before your family. That’s part of human nature that the black Africans and the white British writers want to deny all white peoples. They want white people to treat black people like family, when black people don’t reciprocate. I don’t consider likeminded or same colored or same ethnicity peoples my family.Continue reading “Yes That’s Right; you heard it here first”

CDC Presents Incentive To Vaccinate

Fully vaccinated people can shed their masks, except on public transportation, according to the CDC and presented by Center for Disease Control director Rochelle Walensky. Thus, if I see a person without a mask I should assume that they are fully vaccinated. They may not be vaccinated and/or may be carriers of COVID and notContinue reading “CDC Presents Incentive To Vaccinate”

Being White In Cleveland

If you’re not Black in Cleveland you don’t matter. The activists spewing hatred for all white people are the real racists. White people became racially sensitive decades ago while black people held onto something they could exploit for money, benefits and preferential treatment in all areas of living – private and public. The only problemContinue reading “Being White In Cleveland”

Donald J. Trump Didn’t Oppress Anyone

During the four years Donald J. Trump served as president he never struck out at me and I had something to say about everything. And bluntly. Other recent presidents didn’t extend that same courtesy, especially the democrats. The Spanish, African, Gay populations who screamed the loudest and the British who supposedly screamed on their behalfContinue reading “Donald J. Trump Didn’t Oppress Anyone”

Stop ‘Niggering’ White People To Death

Stop ‘Niggering’ White People To Death. Clean Up Your Own Language. There was no video attached to this article. Still, in Cleveland where I live, go into any bar where blacks and whites frequent and blacks are calling everybody nigger. They use it in all contexts ranging from anger to ordinary. The more they drink,Continue reading “Stop ‘Niggering’ White People To Death”

State Sanctioned Rape And Executions

Q & A Why did Catholic priests leaving the order flock to the FBI for agent jobs? They either fled for protection within an elite, secretive community or wanted to be instrumental in catching sexual deviates = child molesters and manipulators. The FBI has a long history of covering for the sexual perversions of CatholicContinue reading “State Sanctioned Rape And Executions”

Allocation Of Funds Based On Racial Ratios Are Biased

Allocation Of Funds Based On Racial Ratios Are Biased Toward Blacks White people get a smaller share per person when institutions allocate funds based on ratios of race, instead of allocating the same dollar amount per person regardless of race. The only fair way to allocate funds: based on the individual rather than the race.Continue reading “Allocation Of Funds Based On Racial Ratios Are Biased”

What They Need They Will Not Continue To Receive

Blacks feel good, relieved, when white people hate them. It empowers them. It validates their family’s stories and justifies their own hatred toward anything associated with white people. If white people don’t validate black people’s hatred, then black people create scenarios to force white peoples’ hatred against them – for instance burning cities. That’ll doContinue reading “What They Need They Will Not Continue To Receive”

Why Black Lives Terrorists Leave The Stadiums Alone

I wonder why Black Lives Terrorists and Colin Kaepernik aren’t protesting the high cost of tickets at ball games. Only the rich or corporations buying and comping tickets to rich clients can afford them. Why don’t they burn stadiums down? Because lowering the price of tickets so poor people could attend games would cut intoContinue reading “Why Black Lives Terrorists Leave The Stadiums Alone”

Exploiting Racism

Calling someone a racist isn’t going to make them not a racist, so there’s no point, except to harm their reputation based on lies. There are slander laws against that. Calling someone a racist whom you do not personally know is defamation of character, and it exposes you as the prejudicial one – the oneContinue reading “Exploiting Racism”

Some Smart Advice

Stop with the arrogant looks, sighs, shoulder moves when somebody explains something to you. You know that thing you do. “What, because I’m black YOU think this or that blankety blank? Do you know how that sounds? If you knew how often and how many black people do that, you would have to conclude thatContinue reading “Some Smart Advice”

Blacks Need To Start With Themselves If They Want Change

What’s the use of being wealthy if you’re angry and/or depressed all the time? Whether one or a billion, the number doesn’t matter, when Africans become wealthy they’re miserable unless every other African has the same wealth. There’s some faulty, irrational thinking going on there. That they can’t figure that out on their own makesContinue reading “Blacks Need To Start With Themselves If They Want Change”

Prisons Need Overhauling Worldwide

Prisons Need Overhauling Worldwide It looks like there is a police problem all over the globe that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with economic status. Yes. Poor People Matter. Black Lives Terrorists don’t think poor people matter. It’s all about race to them. Police brutality is usually, not always, inContinue reading “Prisons Need Overhauling Worldwide”

Black Lives Terrorists Stigmatizing White People via Associated Press Antifa Operatives

Associated Press announced that in the interest of history and Black Lives they will capitalize Black peoples and lowercase white peoples making, at least in the printed word, white people less significant and unworthy of the same respect being afforded Black people – at least by the Associated Press. I’m not sure to what colorContinue reading “Black Lives Terrorists Stigmatizing White People via Associated Press Antifa Operatives”


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BLACK AND BROWN SUPREMACY COUP Blacks and browns being allowed to publicly display their hatred toward all white people via mass media with impunity, via a collective of black and brown supremacists with a collective manifesto, under threats of harm if the white targets won’t turn their color, is…

“Me” CENTRIC Adults

Black Africans in the USA don’t understand the concept of “we the people”. To them it’s all about “we the Black people”. No other people fit into their paradigms. They’re a ‘me’ centric group of people that most adults find difficult to understand in other adults.  


Frankly, I’ve never witnessed in my lifetime the power that one man has over the emotional responses of so many people worldwide – instantaneously. This is no slow burner. He pops people. One person does all that with a tweet – less than 144 characters. Usually it’s a massive government operation designed to sway theContinue reading “THE POWER OF DONALD TRUMP”