The 6 Earliest Human Civilization

“The 6 Earliest Human Civilizations Architecture, agriculture, art and more first blossomed in these cultures. HWH Commentary: No where does it list Israel or Jews in the ancient history logs anywhere in the world. So why do they act like they own the planet? They were here first? Just where were the Jews during theseContinue reading “The 6 Earliest Human Civilization”

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Ukraine Russia NATO USA Britain

Why Is Russia Required By NATO To Verify Troop Withdrawal At Their Own Border? Big Mistake. Stop with the domination tactics. Nobody has to verify anything with you. Russia is not a member of NATO. Who are you, the enemy of everybody not in NATO? Why all this enemy junk? Wow. You can count theContinue reading “Ukraine Russia NATO USA Britain”

The USA Still Wants Crimea

Originally posted on WORD WARRIOR DAVIES-TIGHT™:
IT’S STILL ABOUT CRIMEA That was cruel to demand a breakup of the Soviet Union and leave all those states, suddenly as if overnight, on their own to sink or swim in the global world as individual countries. There was the USA waiting like starving human animals to feed…

China seals city as its worst virus outbreak in a year grows

BEIJING (AP) — China’s worst coronavirus outbreak since the start of the pandemic a year and a half ago escalated Wednesday with dozens more cases around the country, the sealing-off of one city and the punishment of its local leaders. Since that initial outbreak was tamed last year, China’s people had lived virtually free ofContinue reading “China seals city as its worst virus outbreak in a year grows”

Some Diet Advice

FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET IT’S GOING TO END UP THERE ANYWAY – if you eat it. That will train you to make and eat less, thus lose the weight you didn’t want anyway. No one in China is going without food because you eat too much. Every country takes care of their own foodContinue reading “Some Diet Advice”

Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19?

Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19? By Yasemin Saplakoglu – Staff Writer  4.13.2020 Several clinical trials around the world are now examining whether this vaccine could protect against this new foe. Scientists around the world are racing to find ways out of the new coronavirus pandemic. Some are working to develop new drugs and vaccines, while others areContinue reading “Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19?”


1 – Viruses look for a weak spot – an opening – just like people do, just like the universe does, just like the wind and sand and floods do. Keep your defenses up. If you argue don’t stay mad – switch gears and talk brass tacks. Do it right away rather than stew inContinue reading “THE VIRUS”

China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus

via China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus Bloomberg News February 24, 2020, 4:52 AM EST China’s top legislature imposed a total ban on trade and consumption of wild animals, according to state-run China Central Television, a move that aims to curbContinue reading “China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus”

Hong Kong’s divide: Protests for democracy, rally for China

HWH Commentary: Communism is dead – because it worked in theory ONLY, not practice. Large parts of the world practiced it and large parts of the world suffered as a result. Only a tiny elite, ruling minority prospered under their own rule, which in essence made them a dictatorhip by committee. If you call yourselvesContinue reading “Hong Kong’s divide: Protests for democracy, rally for China”

Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies

Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies The researcher, He Jiankui, offered no evidence or data to back up his assertions. If true, some fear the feat could open the door to “designer babies.” A microplate from Chinese scientist He Jiankui’s lab, containing embryos whose genes have been edited. Dr.Continue reading “Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies”


My only focus now is Chinese. Not China. Chinese. I know all I need to know about you. Your history is irrelevant to me. It’s too long. Easy to get lost in long history. I know your weakness. I know your strength. Your weakness and strength are equal, not the same. I know you’re losingContinue reading “CHINESE NOT CHINA”


You break like a brittle twig because you lack life because you take life instead of give life. Chinese broken. Chinese break easy. Chinese selfish – must control every detail from destruction to death. Chinese have no God, so devil enters easy. Fry a dog. Chew a leg, break the panda’s back. Jump up andContinue reading “CHINA TWIG”


Congratulations to Donald Trump for breaking the Taiwan Embargo. You go guy! The USA has historically supported pro independence policies for those who pursued them. A One China Policy is hypocritical to USA values. However, because the USA fears China, they bow to their demands, whereby a USA president cannot even speak to a high-rankingContinue reading “ON TAIWAN”