Blacks Need To Start With Themselves If They Want Change

What’s the use of being wealthy if you’re angry and/or depressed all the time? Whether one or a billion, the number doesn’t matter, when Africans become wealthy they’re miserable unless every other African has the same wealth. There’s some faulty, irrational thinking going on there. That they can’t figure that out on their own makesContinue reading “Blacks Need To Start With Themselves If They Want Change”

We The Colorless People

If the government gives relief to restaurants, why then should customers feel pressured to spend their stimulus checks at these restaurants? To stimulate the economy? Then how do we pay our bills, especially since prices are soaring across the board? Why when the restaurants get money is it called RELIEF? Then when the non-business ownersContinue reading “We The Colorless People”


Don’t burn my city, then sit back light a cigar and say ‘now let’s come together’. That’s what they do in Africa. That’s what Pacific Islanders do, they rape a girl then ask her for a date. That’s savagery. No thank you. I think I’ll pass. Change your cultures, then maybe we’ll talk. In theContinue reading “DON’T BURN MY CITY”