Should Scientists Super-Charge Viruses To Make Them More Contagious?

Should Scientists Super-Charge Viruses To Make Them More Contagious? Re: Scientists Tweak Lab Viruses To Make Them More Contagious.  Some “gain of function” studies explore how a dangerous pathogen might cross species barriers to start an outbreak. They are not without controversy By Emily Willingham on June 14, 2021 “If a virus has already moved from an animalContinue reading “Should Scientists Super-Charge Viruses To Make Them More Contagious?”

Mr. President I Am Not Here to Punch You

Individuals and groups purposely goad President Donald Trump to get his attention. He said during the presidential campaign, “if someone punches me, I punch back”. Everybody knows it, so why are they crying that he is making them attack him by the way he acts, when it’s really their behavior that started it all? StopContinue reading “Mr. President I Am Not Here to Punch You”

White House asserts executive privilege in census fight

HWH Comment: Personally, I think it’s ludicrous to take a census and not be able to determine how many people living in the USA are not citizens or how many are on work visas or any other type of visa. It’s shocking that the democrats talk about wanting to preserve the integrity of the censusContinue reading “White House asserts executive privilege in census fight”

What Happened To The American Dream?

Affirmative Action is killing the American Dream. Now the world dreams of living in a welfare state – the USA. Members of the USA congress gave the American Dream away – to citizens of other countries south of the border (SOTB).  

Beef-friendly Nebraska eyes regulations on the word ‘meat’

HWH Comment: The word ‘meat’ does not clearly come from livestock as Sen. Carol Blood claims. Meat has historically been used to refer to many types of plant food. Sen. Carol Blood should focus on turning Nebraska’s animal slaughter industries into plant meat industries or technology or anything other than continuing selling for consumption the atrocities committedContinue reading “Beef-friendly Nebraska eyes regulations on the word ‘meat’”

Maxine Waters Wants To Be Your Master

MAXINE WANTS TO BE YOUR MASTER trea·son  ˈtrēzən/ The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.”They were convicted of treason” – treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, faithlessness; sedition, subversion, mutiny, rebellion 01 – Incitement of mob behavior – flash arrivals at public places where President Trump’s supporters, aides and staff eat, buy their gas, shopContinue reading “Maxine Waters Wants To Be Your Master”

Mark Zuckerberg Justifies Peeping for Profit

Mark Zuckerberg Submits Opening Statement In Writing Prior To Testifying Before Congress… …To the very members of congress who will be asking him questions regarding the illegal and immoral sharing of personal data of Facebook members. How rigged is that? The members of congress even told him what to say when he testifies. How riggedContinue reading “Mark Zuckerberg Justifies Peeping for Profit”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Passes Resolution to Ban the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

BREAKING: House Foreign Affairs Committee Has Passed H.Res.401, Calling For All Nations to Ban the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Dear Sharon Lee, Great news out of Congress!  On November 15, 2017, the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed  H.Res.401, which calls for an end to the dog and cat meat industry in Asia and worldwide. Introduced byContinue reading “House Foreign Affairs Committee Passes Resolution to Ban the Dog and Cat Meat Trade”

Comedian Beheads President Trump In Effigy on video tape

This is the problem when we elect comedians to congress. I’m talking about Al Franken. (Alan Stuart Franken is an American comedian, actor, writer and politician. He is currently the junior United States Senator from Minnesota.Wikipedia). Kathy Griffin, also a so-called comedian, gave a heartfelt apology says Al Franken, so let her off the hookContinue reading “Comedian Beheads President Trump In Effigy on video tape”


WASHINGTON—Doctors and dietitians from the Barnard Medical Center will visit Congress on Friday, Feb. 5, to share healthful plant-based Super Bowl snacks with members of Congress and staffers at the Veggie Touchdown, sponsored by the Congressional Vegetarian Staff Association. Sodexo, which manages congressional cafeterias, has also been invited and encouraged to serve more plant-based optionsContinue reading “PLANT-BASED MAKEOVER FOR CONGRESS CAFETERIAS”