Why Single Out When Everybody Does It?

Singling Out When Everybody Does It Is Necessary We all come from cultures that instruct individual women not to report a rape, because every culture rapes, why single out one? It’s not the culture being singled out simply because a person gets raped in a particular country. It’s the rape culture at that particular timeContinue reading “Why Single Out When Everybody Does It?”

Spain Is A Torturer Of The Innocent

Atanzón will continue celebrating its patron saint, San Agustín, in the same fashion as Pamplona does — praying to the saint that no one is killed by the bulls for another summer.

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Many people and/or groups respect some animals and not others.  Some species are preferred over others. Revered even.  Other species are considered not worthy of life, except when keeping a species or a certain number of a certain species alive benefits humans in some way. The suffering that these animals within a species incur toContinue reading “PAUPERS AND PRIVILEGED”


Don’t burn my city, then sit back light a cigar and say ‘now let’s come together’. That’s what they do in Africa. That’s what Pacific Islanders do, they rape a girl then ask her for a date. That’s savagery. No thank you. I think I’ll pass. Change your cultures, then maybe we’ll talk. In theContinue reading “DON’T BURN MY CITY”

Botswana: 87 elephants killed near wildlife sanctuary 

HWH NOTE: The world needs laws that are enforced. Simply having a law does not guarantee compliance. It should, if we all had integrity, but it doesn’t and we don’t. Some people will skirt the law looking for loopholes, others will outright defy it, if they can get away with it. When enforcement of laws isContinue reading “Botswana: 87 elephants killed near wildlife sanctuary “

GAYLE KING – expert on what white people think

Gayle King on CBS morning show – your world in 90 seconds – apparently knows better than white people what these so-called white people think. A focus group on race comprised of mostly blacks was asked a question: If a black couple goes into an empty restaurant and the host seats them at the backContinue reading “GAYLE KING – expert on what white people think”

HuffPost Perversions

“The Joy Of Watching Harvey Weinstein’s Perp Walk There’s a delicious schadenfreude in seeing a powerful abuser finally held accountable.” Definitions: Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune (German). Or French “love of cruelty,” 1888, from French sadisme. Or sadism (English). Perp: Perpetrator of a crime. Q. What kind of writer pairs the word ‘delicious’ with sex offender?Continue reading “HuffPost Perversions”

Portland Burrito Cart Closes After Owners Are Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Portland Burrito Cart Closes After Owners Are Accused Of Cultural Appropriation Carolina Moreno, HuffPost Two Portland-based women were forced to shut down their burrito food cart over accusations of cultural appropriation and recipe stealing. Liz “LC” Connelly and Kali Wilgus’ Kooks Burritos business was featured in the Willamette Week on May 16. During the interview, Connelly described how the duoContinue reading “Portland Burrito Cart Closes After Owners Are Accused Of Cultural Appropriation”