Major cause of dementia discovered – high brain urea

An international team of scientists have confirmed the discovery of a major cause of dementia, with important implications for possible treatment and diagnosis. Professor Garth Cooper from The University of Manchester, who leads the Manchester team, says the build-up of urea in the brain to toxic levels can cause brain damage – and eventually dementia.Continue reading “Major cause of dementia discovered – high brain urea”


Health alerts: Blueberries and blood pressure, walnuts and dementia DALLAS MORNING NEWS Published: 26 January 2015 05:45 PM Updated: 26 January 2015 05:45 PM Health Alerts: A weekly look at the latest news you need to lead a healthier life. Blueberries aid blood pressure control A cup of blueberries just may keep the doctor away.Continue reading “BLUEBERRIES AND BLOOD PRESSURE, WALNUTS AND DEMENTIA”