It’s The Jews

Yes, the Jews are creating discord among the American populace using movies, news rooms and social media as their vehicle for their disruption. It is those who write and edit and transmit the scripts via ear buds and teleprompters who determine the moods and actions of those who watch, listen and read. The problem isn’tContinue reading “It’s The Jews”

Saving, Protecting, and Respecting Dogs – in Hanoi 

Mandala said: “We promote the idea that all lives are precious, and that our animals such as cats and dogs are ‘friends, not food.’By providing free veterinary care for our staff members’ pets, we send a message into the surrounding communities that dogs and cats are important and need routine medical care, just like humans.”Continue reading “Saving, Protecting, and Respecting Dogs – in Hanoi “

To Donald Trump – about those dogs…

Stop with the dog analogies. “He chokes like a dog?” Leave the dog out. The dog did nothing to you. Everybody loves their dog family members. You’re alienating all those people, by insulting their family. You’re uncle Donald to them now. Act it and say it. Many dogs in the USA and worldwide are horriblyContinue reading “To Donald Trump – about those dogs…”