Sharon Davies-Tight  <> To:Sharon Davies-TightTue, Jul 14 at 7:54 AM Animal-Free Chef Presidential Endorsement The Animal-Free Chef hereby endorses Donald J. Trump for President of these United States of America on this 14th day of July in the year 2020. Long Live America. ~ signed by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight on this great day for AllContinue reading “ANIMAL-FREE CHEF PRESIDENTIAL ENDORSEMENT”

The Scottish Way, Mr. President

I have only one question for President Trump regarding the Israeli deal offered to the Palestinians: Would YOU take that deal? You trampled on every principle the Scots stood for in their plight to be free from British rule. They sacrificed their blood and treasure, that resulted in the freedom of your ancestors, which ultimatelyContinue reading “The Scottish Way, Mr. President”

Mr. President I Am Not Here to Punch You

Individuals and groups purposely goad President Donald Trump to get his attention. He said during the presidential campaign, “if someone punches me, I punch back”. Everybody knows it, so why are they crying that he is making them attack him by the way he acts, when it’s really their behavior that started it all? StopContinue reading “Mr. President I Am Not Here to Punch You”

Full Transcript of Mueller’s Statement on Russia Investigation

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, made his first public comments about the Russia investigation. By The New York Times May 29, 2019 The following is a transcript of his remarks, as prepared by The New York Times. ROBERT S. MUELLER III, the special counsel: Good morning, everyone, and thank you for being here. TwoContinue reading “Full Transcript of Mueller’s Statement on Russia Investigation”


Frankly, I’ve never witnessed in my lifetime the power that one man has over the emotional responses of so many people worldwide – instantaneously. This is no slow burner. He pops people. One person does all that with a tweet – less than 144 characters. Usually it’s a massive government operation designed to sway theContinue reading “THE POWER OF DONALD TRUMP”