‘Israel is joining an ugly club,’ says rights group as director expelled 

HWH ClipBoard: Thank you Omar Shakir for sacrificing your presence in Palestine\Israel without sacrificing your work to expose: the UGLY TRUTH of discrimination enslavement torture and slaughter of the Palestinian People, thus the collective Palestinian Soul and the destruction and theft of Palestinian habitats by the Israeli government, that then hands those habitats over toContinue reading “‘Israel is joining an ugly club,’ says rights group as director expelled “

Court says EU states must label Israeli settlement products

HWH RESPONSE: Yes. Thank you for moving in a positive direction against illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel. Those products of which Israelis speak are not made in Israel. They are made in Israeli-occupied areas of Palestine. How blatant the theft, to steal the Palestinian’s ability to grow their own produce to sell on theContinue reading “Court says EU states must label Israeli settlement products”


STOP BULL FIGHTING. It’s the cruelest form of entertainment that begs to be banished from the earth. Putting live animals in a stadium and slowly murdering them and cutting out their tongues to tell the world they have no voice, while the audience cheers, tells you something horrible about the people who host the eventsContinue reading “STOP BULL FIGHTING”

Ted Cruz Wants To Be Your Czar

Ted Cruz, republican presidential candidate, wants to be the European Union. He wants 50 states to become 50 countries – under him. And he wants you, his adoring people, to make him Czar. Yes, Rafael Edward Cruz wants to be your Czar.   An American Canadian Cuban with four faces has a grand plan. WeContinue reading “Ted Cruz Wants To Be Your Czar”


Edward Snowden praises EU parliament vote against US extradition The narrowly passed measure called on member states to protect the whistleblower from prosecution, which he sees as ‘a chance to move forward’. The parliament voted 285-281 to pass a largely symbolic measure, a resolution that called on European Union member states to “drop any criminalContinue reading “EDWARD SNOWDEN CATCHES A BREAK VIA THE EUROPEAN UNION”