Evolution Denied

Who has that right to deny anyone what the universe has created for the benefit of all? Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, at your service I make recipes using an animal-free products that are available in the market place. I used to just post it on Facebook and Pinterest. But nobody ever saw them. So now IContinue reading “Evolution Denied”

We Are the Aliens – Scientific American

We Are the Aliens On a geological timescale, the emergence of the human “dataome” is like a sudden invasion by extraterrestrials, or an asteroid impact that precipitates a mass extinction By Caleb A. Scharf on May 13, 2021 We Are the Aliens Credit: Caleb Scharf Something very old, very powerful and very special has beenContinue reading “We Are the Aliens – Scientific American”

The Root Is It, Not The Cow

Plants have roots. Humans don’t have roots. Just because a human plants itself into a town and for centuries stays there doesn’t mean they don’t have the physical capability to move away from that town. Or flee. Plants can’t. Where they are sown, they stay and grow or die before they’re able to seed again.Continue reading “The Root Is It, Not The Cow”

French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus

With practically everybody in the USA on anti-inflammatory meds, quitting them might be a way to stay alive if you contract COVID-19, [since 95 million people have been statistically given a death sentence in the USA alone]. A fever means your body is fighting the virus. To artificially reduce the fever, may render the bodyContinue reading “French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus”

Brain Implants Will Drive Our Evolution and “Extend Our Capabilities”

Sophisticated brain implants are coming. There’s no telling where humans could go from here. Evolution Isn’t Over It took billions of years for homo sapiens to emerge, but that’s not the end of our story — humans, scientists agree, continue to evolve. For much of human history, the technology we have created has changed us. Now,Continue reading “Brain Implants Will Drive Our Evolution and “Extend Our Capabilities””