Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

God says when you eat all the cows and all the pigs and all the chickens, your taste for flesh and blood will not abate until you eat your own and then it’s too late. Back away from the animals as your right to consume. Wake up to their reality, which you impose without thoughtfulContinue reading “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late”


God Is The Recipe

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RECIPE. The Recipe Is Everything That Matters. THE RECIPE IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. You say you don’t want a recipe. You laugh and say we don’t need your crazy dumass recipes. You’re dismissive when you say it’s not helping us. We need help you say, and all you doContinue reading “God Is The Recipe”

Being Wrong Is Normal

EATING ANIMALS ISN’T NATURAL ONLY YOU CAN END THE SUFFERING There’s too much suffering on the planet and it’s not coming from humans. It’s coming from all the other animals that humans exploit. Only you can end the suffering by what you choose to do day to day. Stop eating animals and the rich peopleContinue reading “Being Wrong Is Normal”