31 May 2022 General Mills Divests From Business In An Illegal Settlement

How activists got General Mills to dump its Israeli settlement factory Michael Arria speaks with the AFSC’s Economic Activism Director Dov Baum about the successful Pillsbury boycott campaign, and what comes next. BY MICHAEL ARRIA  JUNE 15, 2022   PROTESTERS CALL ON GENERAL MILLS TO STOP MANUFACTURING PILLSBURY PRODUCTS ON AN ILLEGAL SETTLEMENT IN THE OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORYContinue reading “31 May 2022 General Mills Divests From Business In An Illegal Settlement”

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An Interpretation

Jews expect the world to believe the West Bank has already been annexed, simply by repeating the lie often and long enough until the world accepts it as reality. End of story. Move on like it’s true, while the world is preoccupied by CC Virus and BLACK LIVES TERRORISM creating pressing issues to deal withContinue reading “An Interpretation”