The Private Sector Owns The Government

BEING KICKED IN THE TEETH CAUSES CHAOS 8- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, allows big companies and industries to write the laws that determine the lives of people in the interest of personal gains and profits rather than in the interest of the people. The people weContinue reading “The Private Sector Owns The Government”

Believe vs Trust

Believe vs Trust The one group of people whom WE THE PEOPLE need to believe is government at all levels. That’s not the same as trust. Trust is unreliable and leaves too much room for error. When you hear someone say that you can trust that they’ll do right by you, you need to immediatelyContinue reading “Believe vs Trust”


1 – Viruses look for a weak spot – an opening – just like people do, just like the universe does, just like the wind and sand and floods do. Keep your defenses up. If you argue don’t stay mad – switch gears and talk brass tacks. Do it right away rather than stew inContinue reading “THE VIRUS”