Yes That’s Right; you heard it here first

I put my family before your family. That’s part of human nature that the black Africans and the white British writers want to deny all white peoples. They want white people to treat black people like family, when black people don’t reciprocate. I don’t consider likeminded or same colored or same ethnicity peoples my family.Continue reading “Yes That’s Right; you heard it here first”

Should Military-Style Maneuvers Be Allowed By Civilians?

BEING KICKED IN THE TEETH CAUSES CHAOS 5- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, discriminates against those who don’t bend to their political will by sending their political trolls out to destroy their lives – on social media, at their work place, at the places they frequent forContinue reading “Should Military-Style Maneuvers Be Allowed By Civilians?”