Some Issues To Consider On Immigration Reform

In the current immigration debate:

Peoples wanting to enter the USA from all corners of the planet say it’s just like hundreds of years ago when immigrants came to America from Europe, with a pittance in their pockets, so open your God-damned doors before we huff and puff and blow your doors down.

No it isn’t the same.

Those immigrants were coming into a wilderness – a massive area of undeveloped land not built for habitation yet. There is a world of difference. They came ready to build, not to tear down or game the system to only their benefit. There wasn’t a system to game.

Immigrants today come to a nation already made to order, already established – the suffering of making that nation done by the predecessors of those who live here, not by the ancestors of the new immigrant. That reality must be respected during all talks.

Simply to say it’s a big country, there’s enough room for everyone under this massive tent, is naive.

Try putting three hundred million plus people under one tent and see what happens. It didn’t work in your own country, don’t try to force it on the country you want to enter to call your own.

It’s not your tent. It’s a country. It’s not a boat nor a pot. People don’t melt. They haven’t melted yet, so what makes you think that you’re coming to a melting pot?

Are you going to assimilate? No. You won’t. That’s what melt means. It means assimilate into a new culture. You won’t leave your culture of abuse against women and children behind. You won’t leave your culture of prejudice against all other animals and all other ethnicities of humans, except your own, behind. You won’t leave your authoritarian politics behind. You won’t leave your resistance to anything American and anything White American behind.

You want only the money opportunity.

Are you ready to build a country, a better country? No. You’re ready to make a country bleed, so when the war is over you can call it yours.

It’s that war mentality that this country does not want nor need. Make a war in the country you want to leave if that’s your mindset – stay there and make war. Don’t come here and war against the country that you expect in advance to meet all the demands that your own country of origin failed to meet.

You need to contribute to the process of achieving your goals. If you’re not that kind of person, then free-load some place else. There’s a reason why your country doesn’t want you – you’re high maintenance.

Just because you can get on a plane, on a boat or jump a fence doesn’t make you tough.  It doesn’t make you any more worthy than anybody else. In fact, it shows you don’t know how to plan ahead. You go to a foreign country with nothing and expect that country to take care of you without any thought of reciprocity. Any fool could do it. What’s your plan? Stay low so nobody knows you’re here? What kind of life is that? Always living outside the law. Always blaming everybody else for your woes: first you blame your country of origin then you blame the country you came to.

In my view, the law must apply equally to all those living or visiting within our borders, or to no one within our borders.

The law, all laws, must apply to everyone or to no one.

Get rid of the phrase cherry-picking. It’s old, worn out, tired. People aren’t cherries, ideas aren’t cherries. Get with it or don’t run for office next time around. You didn’t stay current, you didn’t seek solutions, you sought only to postpone forever. Pass a law, then let only certain people, certain populations, break it with impunity? Everybody else has to obey it? That’s just plain stupid. Lazy too. Ignorant.

The USA needs a new Naturalization Act.

Everybody (regardless of age, religion, handicap, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, language etc. and who is not currently in the judicial or penal system) who has lived in the United States for five years with the intent of staying in the United States becomes a United States citizen with all benefits afforded all other citizens, with one exception: dual citizenship to another country is not allowed – no matter the country.

You don’t need to speak the language, but you need to obey the laws like all other citizens. Not speaking English is not a viable defense.




Human Trafficking? In A Senior Residence?


This is too much. A meeting with Joan who has no last name – in a senior residence building about human trafficking? The signs are everywhere. Even in the stairwells.

What’s happening? Are human traffickers trying to recruit and enslave old people? For what pray tell? Do I dare ask? Or maybe that question is best kept to myself.

Are the cops not telling us that certain individual residents are going to be kidnapped from our building and sold into Senior Slavery?

How will they get in? Oh right, by men with kids wearing white knit caps waiting for somebody to let them in.

As an aside: I rarely worry about some scummy looking, dirty, ungroomed person trying to get into the building. It’s the well-groomed, clean ones doing manipulative tricks that concern me.

The flyer|poster has National Church Residences letterhead. So this isn’t a resident working on a pet project or cause that they want to share with other residents for the purpose of their edification.

Joan doesn’t have a last name, so no I’m not going to this meeting. Maybe Joan is the recruiter. The whole arrangement sounds suspicious. Posters in all the stairwells? Who takes the stairs, except me – for exercise instead of using the stairmaster at the club?

Guess I should stay out of the stairwells. Shoot! Just when I was finding my mountain climbing groove, somebody wants to kidnap me?

How about a seminar on weight reduction, exercise and how the food we eat can heal us better than the medicines we take?

Eliza Jennings (Choices For Aging Well), who has a monopoly on the building as far as I can see, won’t like that. They even advertise this place as offering hospice services. When people come in they’re walking on two legs. After six months they get a walker with a seat, then in a year, they’re in a motorized wheelchair and they all get fat. Then they start losing their legs via amputation. It’s a pattern I’ve witnessed for eight years. Then they die. There are a lot of deaths and not many success stories in this building.

There’s a podiatrist across the street that’s gifted in my opinion. Nobody will go to him. They feel like they have to go to Eliza Jennings’ people. Eliza comes to them. The gifted podiatrist is practically next door plus he’s great with all people, not just old. Frankly I met one of Eliza’s people a couple of years ago. He was a podiatrist. Not good. At all. He wouldn’t come out unless I could get three or four other residents to join me so he could sell orthopedic shoes to all of us. He basically wanted me to recruit customers for him – for free.

If they get too many more wheelchairs there are going to be traffic jams that will need to be managed by someone. Oh. Eliza already thought of that. Wheelchair Etiquette is what it will be called. People will be assigned by floors the times they can go down to get their mail.

It’s already clogged with wheelchairs and walkers when the mail person comes. Of course these rules will apply to people not in wheelchairs, just so it doesn’t look like the ones walking without assistance are getting preferential treatment. Then it becomes collective punishment, that they will vehemently deny as they question your compassion for the others who can’t walk. You’ll be shunned by everyone and forced to move to another location where you will learn your lesson to obey and not question the rules.

But Eliza brings pizza. Anybody who wants in, uses cheap unhealthy food to lure residents into attending their seminars. What an insult. Maybe Eliza is behind the human trafficking.

“Lure treats” are always greasy, salty and/or sweet. Beverages are sweet too. With all the diabetics in the building, the soda machine has one sleeve of diet coke. Everything else is laden with sugar. Maybe there’s one diet ginger ale. But no juice, no healthy selection. Who wants apple juice? No one. I’ve talked to the soda machine guy three times already and it went nowhere.

That’s when I take it to the world – when people patronize me because I’m old.

New, exciting, that’s what we want. Taste good too, that’s what we want. Stop with the old stuff, offering me my grandmother’s recipes in your newsletter – loaded with fat, salt and sugar.

Yeah, Eliza Jennings is into human trafficking –  senior residents kidnapped and sold into Senior Slavery. That’s what it feels like.

Independent Living?  If you want to live like your grandmother lived – or your great grandfather. Who really wants that??

Wednesday @ 2:00 in the Large Community Room. I’m assuming that means 07-19-2017.