We Are A Virus

We Are A Virus A Multitude Of Viruses We manufacture harbor transmit viruses. What vs Who Maybe it’s whatever created/designed us, not whoever created/designed us that we should be looking at. We are virus-originated-virus-engineered-virus designed creatures. That’s why we attract viruses. We’re designed to attract them. We are in fact a virus. Do chemicals comeContinue reading “We Are A Virus”

Allowing Nonhuman Animal Atrocities To Keep The Human Atrocity Rate Down

All the gruesome acts committed against nonhuman animals who can’t fight back are also committed against humans who can’t fight back against their captors and aggressors. Why then do social engineers insist on allowing these gruesome acts against nonhuman animals to occur when they know full well that it does not stop or discourage similarContinue reading “Allowing Nonhuman Animal Atrocities To Keep The Human Atrocity Rate Down”

EAT YOUR OWN FAMILY vs Cellular Exorcism

Your brain doesn’t want somebody else’s blood and flesh running through your system. It injects CHAOS. If you’re bent on needing it, then eat your own mothers and fathers and siblings and children. Don’t eat outside the family. The fact that eating your own repulses you proves that you know it is wrong to eatContinue reading “EAT YOUR OWN FAMILY vs Cellular Exorcism”