It’s The Jews

Yes, the Jews are creating discord among the American populace using movies, news rooms and social media as their vehicle for their disruption. It is those who write and edit and transmit the scripts via ear buds and teleprompters who determine the moods and actions of those who watch, listen and read. The problem isn’tContinue reading “It’s The Jews”

Slaughter Rituals Come From Satan Within

The Gods look unfavorably upon those who brutally enslave, torture and slaughter animals meant to roam free on this earth. Humans pay through disease and misfortune all their lives for these egregious acts of hatred. God does not want back as gifts the animals whom God created. Dead humans are not to be given asContinue reading “Slaughter Rituals Come From Satan Within”

DESENSITIVITY TO ANTIBIOTICS PASSED TO HUMANS WHO EAT PIGS By Stephen Feller   |   Nov. 19, 2015 at 5:52 PM Gene found that could make common bacteria resistant to antibiotics Scientists think the bacteria developed resistance in pigs treated with the antibiotic colistin and it was passed to humans who ate the animals. Pigs, like other animals raised for food, are often given antibioticsContinue reading “DESENSITIVITY TO ANTIBIOTICS PASSED TO HUMANS WHO EAT PIGS”