MS-13 gang members indicted after ‘medieval-style’ killing spree in Los Angeles

  LOS ANGELES – Federal racketeering, murder and other charges were filed against 22 suspected MS-13 gang members who law enforcement officials believe are linked to a series of grisly killings involving baseball bats, machetes and other tools of “medieval-style” violence, authorities said Tuesday. Nineteen of those indicted are considered illegal immigrants, and most ofContinue reading “MS-13 gang members indicted after ‘medieval-style’ killing spree in Los Angeles”

White House asserts executive privilege in census fight

HWH Comment: Personally, I think it’s ludicrous to take a census and not be able to determine how many people living in the USA are not citizens or how many are on work visas or any other type of visa. It’s shocking that the democrats talk about wanting to preserve the integrity of the censusContinue reading “White House asserts executive privilege in census fight”


“Trump Makes Us Do It” We do it because Trump does it. He makes us do it. We can’t help it. We do what he does. If he would tamp it down and stop tweeting we would too. Who are you trying to kid? The CIA doesn’t want him tweeting. They’re a terrorist organization. NowContinue reading ““TRUMP MAKES US DO IT””

A BOYCOTT OF THE BOYCOTTERS – Israel making it all legal in the USA

Senator Booker (a black African from New Jersey) supported the anti-boycott bill (proposed by Israel) – a boycott which would have given power to the Palestinian slaves to encourage their Israeli masters to negotiate their freedom.

White People Now Have A Leader

Did Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, drop the security ball at Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago? A while back, Doctor’s Without Borders operating in Syria decided not to give their location coordinates to the Syrian government or the United Nations, because they superstitiously thought that by doing so it would make them a target. TheContinue reading “White People Now Have A Leader”