Brain shrinkage linked to COVID-19 | Live Science

Brain shrinkage linked to COVID-19 By Nicoletta Lanese COVID-19 may shrink the brain’s gray matter, primarily in areas of the brain involved in smell and memory processing, a large study suggests. These distinct changes in brain structure crop up in both people who required hospitalization for COVID-19 and those who had less severe infections, according to theContinue reading “Brain shrinkage linked to COVID-19 | Live Science”

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Autoimmune Hysteria If our immune systems are in a perpetual state of fighting the CORONACOVID virus and its variants that something or someone is flooding the environment with, then masses of people should be developing autoimmune responses. The media acts as if we can run but not hide from this lethal virus and its multitudinousContinue reading “AUTOIMMUNE HYSTERIA”

Scar Tissue And CoronaCovid

SCAR TISSUE CAUSED by healed areas of inflammation of CORONACOVID If CORONACOVID can cause inflammation in the lung that leaves scar tissue, then why wouldn’t it do the same with other membranes of the body organs? Stomach lining, arteries, veins, blood vessels, bladder, uterus etc.? How does scar tissue in the stomach and intestines affectContinue reading “Scar Tissue And CoronaCovid”