The 6 Earliest Human Civilization

“The 6 Earliest Human Civilizations Architecture, agriculture, art and more first blossomed in these cultures. HWH Commentary: No where does it list Israel or Jews in the ancient history logs anywhere in the world. So why do they act like they own the planet? They were here first? Just where were the Jews during theseContinue reading “The 6 Earliest Human Civilization”

Ukraine Russia NATO USA Britain

Why Is Russia Required By NATO To Verify Troop Withdrawal At Their Own Border? Big Mistake. Stop with the domination tactics. Nobody has to verify anything with you. Russia is not a member of NATO. Who are you, the enemy of everybody not in NATO? Why all this enemy junk? Wow. You can count theContinue reading “Ukraine Russia NATO USA Britain”

Taliban and U.S. Strike Deal to Withdraw American Troops From Afghanistan

HWH COMMENT: Now we can add 3,500 more American lives lost in the Afghan war to the 4,424 American lives lost in the Iraq war and the 2, 977 lives lost on 9-11 = 10,901 lives lost, and add to that the number of family member’s lives that were destroyed forever. Was it worth it?Continue reading “Taliban and U.S. Strike Deal to Withdraw American Troops From Afghanistan”