CRISPR tomatoes

HWH: Do we really need to be sedated by eating tomatoes? How many other fruits and vegetables have this sedating quality? Feeling sleepy? Maybe it’s the food you ate? Do consumers have the right to know when they’re being sedated by their food? Danger lurks. Should people on blood pressure lowering drugs not eat tomatoes?Continue reading “CRISPR tomatoes”

Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19?

Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19? By Yasemin Saplakoglu – Staff Writer  4.13.2020 Several clinical trials around the world are now examining whether this vaccine could protect against this new foe. Scientists around the world are racing to find ways out of the new coronavirus pandemic. Some are working to develop new drugs and vaccines, while others areContinue reading “Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19?”