McDonald’s Convert to Animal-Free Plant-Based Globally

Open up the slaughterhouses. What, the electrical barbed wire fence is to keep the cows from jumping the fence? Wake up! It’s to keep you from seeing the horror inside, because if you did, you’d shut them all down. You’d find something better to eat. McDonald’s has many options, one of which is to convertContinue reading “McDonald’s Convert to Animal-Free Plant-Based Globally”

How Many Roman Jews Are There In Palestine?

All those Romans roaming Judea and no Roman Jews survived to tell about it? If Jesus really was a Jew, then the Vatican would be in Jerusalem, not Rome. Why do Middle Eastern Jews deny their Roman ancestry? Ever wonder why Jews don’t like Italians? Most of the Jews occupying Palestine are transplanted from otherContinue reading “How Many Roman Jews Are There In Palestine?”