Hispanic vs. Latino: what’s the difference? 

HWH: If you’re confused over who is called Hispanic and who is  called Latino you have lots of company. Even those who are Hispanic and/or Latino can’t agree. The comments to this article will leave you even more confused.

Difference between Latin America and Central America

…South America is a geographical entity: the subcontinent or continent south of Central America.

Latin America is a cultural entity: countries in the Americas where a Latin language is spoken (Spanish, Portuguese, French). The geographical notion is very clear: South America ranges from the Panama Isthmus to Cape Horn.

Hispanic vs. Latino: what’s the difference?



Many people use Hispanic and Latino as interchangeable words. They’re not. While there is a huge overlap between the two, they don’t mean the same thing and cannot be used as if they do. This is an easy mistake to make, and I do it myself every once in a while (often from laziness), but it’s important to note the differences.Hispanic refers to language.

Latino refers to geography.Basically, you are Hispanic if you and/or your ancestry come from a country where they speak Spanish. You are Latino if you and/or your ancestry come from a Latin American country.

But wait… isn’t that the same thing?

No, dear friend, it’s not.

Hispanic excludes the nearly 200 million Brazilians who, while accurately labelled Latinos, speak Portuguese. They are Latinos, they are not Hispanic.

Hispanic includes the nearly 50 million Spaniards (population of Spain) who could never be called Latinos.

When picking which one to use you have to know what you’re trying to say. For we used language as the guide, and we ended up with Hispanic instead of Latino. A weird decision if you consider that we also decided not to have the site in Spanish. (But that’s another soapbox for another day.)

So, as a Mexican American, I am Hispanic and Latina. Brazilian Americans are Latinos but not Hispanic. And, Spanish Americans are Hispanic but not Latinos.

Is that clear as mud now?

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Mexico is part of North America. Which is part of the Americas.

North America is comprised by:

• Canada

• United States

• Mexico

• Caribbean nations

Just because it has brown people and its poor doesn’t means it’s not in the same zone of the Americas as the United States.

There is no such thing as Middle America, it’s called Central America and it comprises:

• Belize

• Guatemala

• El Salvador

• Costa Rica

• Honuras

• Nicaragua

• Panama


I’m African, African American or Latino


Unbelievable and unjustifiable as this may be, hospital and doctor records are considered documents of truth and many times are used in court cases to prove or disprove claims made by defendants or plaintiffs.

When something is entered in a medical record it is assumed by the courts that there was no agenda operating in the mind of the person recording whatever it is they record at the moment. The court accepts the record as truth.

Now come on. This is proof that medical records should not be considered documents of truth just because a doctor or a medical establishment made the assertion or the diagnosis or the implication or the anything else under consideration. It is not proof of anything.

Look at my Facebook picture. I am clearly not recognizable as African or American African or Latino, but some doctor at some point for whatever reason thought to list me as a race other than caucasian – specifically African or Latino.

I blocked out my address for obvious reasons – on the University Hospitals document.

My husband said, you need to change that. I said, no I’m leaving it. If I change it somebody will think I’m racist and make trouble for me.

I tried to change an inaccuracy at the Cleveland Clinic once – over a long period of time and even went through the ombudsman’s office – and they never did change it.

I wonder if my treatment is going to be better or worse because I’m African? Probably better. They’ll think if they don’t treat me right, then I might go to the NAACP or worse.

Nah, I think I’ll keep my new African heritage for now. If proof be needed, I have it.