Beetology – the one sentence story

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BEETOLOGY? A ONE SENTENCE STORY? aka The Comma Story? aka The Beet Story? aka The House Story [Once upon a time, in a seven tiny room two story with two attics and a hatchway cellar house with maroon and red asphalt brick siding lived the Davies family. I didn’t…

Brain shrinkage linked to COVID-19 | Live Science

Brain shrinkage linked to COVID-19 By Nicoletta Lanese COVID-19 may shrink the brain’s gray matter, primarily in areas of the brain involved in smell and memory processing, a large study suggests. These distinct changes in brain structure crop up in both people who required hospitalization for COVID-19 and those who had less severe infections, according to theContinue reading “Brain shrinkage linked to COVID-19 | Live Science”

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Superagers’ youthful brains offer clues to keeping sharp

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s pretty extraordinary for people in their 80s and 90s to keep the same sharp memory as someone several decades younger, and now scientists are peeking into the brains of these “superagers” to uncover their secret. The work is the flip side of the disappointing hunt for new drugs to fight orContinue reading “Superagers’ youthful brains offer clues to keeping sharp”


Being overweight linked to poorer memory | University of Cambridge | UK Overweight young adults may have poorer episodic memory – the ability to recall past events – than their peers, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge, adding to increasing evidence of a link between memory and overeating. Source: Being overweight linked toContinue reading “DO FAT PEOPLE HAVE POORER MEMORIES THAN THIN PEOPLE?”