RE: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians

HWH ClipBoard: Now that the word Indians will be removed from the Cleveland baseball franchise name, does that mean the word Indian is offensive like the word nigger is to blacks? If so, they’re going to have to change the name of their congress in Washington D.C.: National Congress of American Indians(NCAI) to another lessContinue reading “RE: Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians”

NCAI Response to New Poll on R*skins Team Name | NCAI

NCAI Response to New Poll on R*skins Team Name  “It is true some Native people do not find the word offensive. However, thousands of Native people across the country have voiced their opposition to the name and the historic, disparaging connotations it carries to this day. More than 100 Native American organizations representing tribal nations andContinue reading “NCAI Response to New Poll on R*skins Team Name | NCAI”


NCAI Responds to Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee’s Comment Re: Native Americans as “Bad Guys” Published on MAY 07, 2015 Washington, DC – The National Congress of American Indians President Brian Cladoosby released the following response in reaction to Governor Mike Huckabee’s quote: “This week I learned about Governor Huckabee’s speech announcing his candidacy for U.S.Continue reading “HUCKABEE PUTS RACIST FOOT IN MOUTH”