Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

God says when you eat all the cows and all the pigs and all the chickens, your taste for flesh and blood will not abate until you eat your own and then it’s too late. Back away from the animals as your right to consume. Wake up to their reality, which you impose without thoughtfulContinue reading “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late”

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Questions Need Answers

Commentary by Sharon 1.18-21.2022: I’m in support of the vaccine, however, if experts claim that domestic animals can be infected, but they can’t pass it on, then why kill all those hamsters and minks and other small animals who tested positive? If the dogs and cats can’t give it to humans, can they give it toContinue reading “Questions Need Answers”

What is the Nipah virus and why is it more deadly than COVID-19? A virus expert explains.

Disease caused by Nipah virus A Nipah virus infection is a viral infection caused by the Nipah virus. Symptoms from infection vary from none to fever, cough, headache, shortness of breath, and confusion. This may worsen into a coma over a day or two, and 50% to 75% of those infected die. Complications can includeContinue reading “What is the Nipah virus and why is it more deadly than COVID-19? A virus expert explains.”


UPI.com By Stephen Feller   |   Nov. 19, 2015 at 5:52 PM Gene found that could make common bacteria resistant to antibiotics Scientists think the bacteria developed resistance in pigs treated with the antibiotic colistin and it was passed to humans who ate the animals. Pigs, like other animals raised for food, are often given antibioticsContinue reading “DESENSITIVITY TO ANTIBIOTICS PASSED TO HUMANS WHO EAT PIGS”