Does The Majority Rule?

Does The Majority Rule? Most people think a democracy means the majority rules. Only in elections though, and how often are those? Where are the issues listed on the ballots? Few and far between – and usually only local or state, like we have fifty different countries – that one can barely understand what they’reContinue reading “Does The Majority Rule?”

CHINA DEATH TOLL REACHES 259 WHO Warns countries to prepare

I read this guy on Facebook shaming Europeans in advance should they start blaming particular races (racism, he called it) for this coronavirus global epidemic, reminding them and the world that it was the Europeans who spread “their” diseases to all the aboriginal people on the planet, often wiping out entire populations. I thought toContinue reading “CHINA DEATH TOLL REACHES 259 WHO Warns countries to prepare”


MY COMMENT: Murdering someone who has murdered somebody else is a contradiction in values. It really doesn’t matter if it has deterrent value, or if people are convicted who didn’t commit the crime, or if it satisfies the vengeance desires of family, church or state. If you pass a law that outlaws murder, then theContinue reading “DEATH PENALTY STRUCK DOWN IN CONNECTICUT”