Do Rights Organizations Discriminate?

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL “WHAT WE DO Through our detailed research and determined campaigning, we help fight abuses of human rights worldwide. We bring torturers to justice. Change oppressive laws. And free people jailed just for voicing their opinion. DISCRIMINATION We all have the right to be treated equally, regardless of our race, ethnicity, nationality,Continue reading “Do Rights Organizations Discriminate?”

Science Says Breast Size Determines IQ

Back in the 1970s that was the science. Small breasted women were smarter than large breasted women. I don’t know if they factored in overall weight – most of us lose breast size when we diet – even men. Men have breasts in case nobody notices (and most of us are trained not to) thatContinue reading “Science Says Breast Size Determines IQ”

Trolls and Trash

TROLLS on social media call white people trash and get away with it, because they troll with a white face. PREJUDICE ALERT. Calling white people trash is the same as calling black people nigger. Just because black people say it isn’t so, doesn’t make it so. And it definitely matters to white peoples. Just becauseContinue reading “Trolls and Trash”

Badass Vegan Goes Off On ALL LIVES MATTER

HWH ClipBoard: John Lewis holds all animals hostage to his black people matter more than they do agenda. ‘Stand with black people and more black people will go vegan’. That’s just not true. Black people don’t negotiate that way. Using animals as bait to get himself more publicity is going to hurt more animals thanContinue reading “Badass Vegan Goes Off On ALL LIVES MATTER”

Should Congress Pass Bills RE: Coronavirus/COVID-19 That Treat Races Differently?

HWH COMMENTARY: The African community leaders in the USA want racial data on all coronavirus/COVID-19 victims to check for, “disparities in the national response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is taking a disproportionate toll on African Americans and other nonwhite populations” What that means is they already have their statistical models set up according toContinue reading “Should Congress Pass Bills RE: Coronavirus/COVID-19 That Treat Races Differently?”

Refuse Service To Trump Supporters

Maxine Waters democratic congressperson calls on her Trump-hating and white-hating nationwide constituency to refuse service to Trump supporters, aides and staff. Look who’s telling who to drink out of some other fountain or get to the back of the bus, or off the bus, ‘everywhere they go harass them’. Refuse service to white people whoContinue reading “Refuse Service To Trump Supporters”

Some Issues To Consider On Immigration Reform

In the current immigration debate: Peoples wanting to enter the USA from all corners of the planet say it’s just like hundreds of years ago when immigrants came to America from Europe, with a pittance in their pockets, so open your God-damned doors before we huff and puff and blow your doors down. No itContinue reading “Some Issues To Consider On Immigration Reform”


Frankly, I’ve never witnessed in my lifetime the power that one man has over the emotional responses of so many people worldwide – instantaneously. This is no slow burner. He pops people. One person does all that with a tweet – less than 144 characters. Usually it’s a massive government operation designed to sway theContinue reading “THE POWER OF DONALD TRUMP”

NCAI Response to New Poll on R*skins Team Name | NCAI

NCAI Response to New Poll on R*skins Team Name  “It is true some Native people do not find the word offensive. However, thousands of Native people across the country have voiced their opposition to the name and the historic, disparaging connotations it carries to this day. More than 100 Native American organizations representing tribal nations andContinue reading “NCAI Response to New Poll on R*skins Team Name | NCAI”