The Scottish Way, Mr. President

I have only one question for President Trump regarding the Israeli deal offered to the Palestinians: Would YOU take that deal? You trampled on every principle the Scots stood for in their plight to be free from British rule. They sacrificed their blood and treasure, that resulted in the freedom of your ancestors, which ultimatelyContinue reading “The Scottish Way, Mr. President”

Scotland > Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

Ministerial foreword The Gender Recognition Act 2004 allows transgender people to apply to the Gender Recognition Panel to obtain legal recognition of their acquired gender. At the time, the 2004 Act was seen as ground-breaking. But it is now out of date. The Scottish Government believes the 2004 Act needs to be reformed and simplified.Continue reading “Scotland > Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004”

Record number of wild animals rescued and released in Scotland | Discover Wildlife

The number of wildlife casualties in Scotland returned to their natural habitats has more than doubled in just over five years. Scotland’s animal welfare charity, the Scottish SPCA, released 4,651 wild animals in 2015, compared to just 1,881 in 2010. This is partly due to the charity’s £3.5 billion relocation to the National Wildlife Rescue CentreContinue reading “Record number of wild animals rescued and released in Scotland | Discover Wildlife”