WHO Concludes COVID 19 Likely Jumped from Animals to Humans

HWH: This is a hoot. “Likely jumped from animals to humans?” Humans are animals, so the virus jumped from animal to animal! Have they started testing cows, pigs, lambs, chickens and all the animals the world eats yet? No, because there’s no science to warrant it. If it can spread rapidly from human animal toContinue reading “WHO Concludes COVID 19 Likely Jumped from Animals to Humans”

Slaughter Industry Trolls

SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY TROLLS THEY HIRE SOME OF THE MOST EVIL – dare I say people – in the people-hurting and business-destroying industry. You know when they start desecrating The Animal-Free Chef’s recipes peppered all over Instagram, that the SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY FEARS THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF. One example: wallgems commented: Olives again? You know they don’t belong in thisContinue reading “Slaughter Industry Trolls”