Red Flag Vaccine

Why The Low Vaccinated Rate For COVID? Hesitancy isn’t a reason. Fear of the unknown is. Yet no one has addressed the ease of being vaccinated. Steve is on hold on the phone for the Cleveland Clinic. It’s on speaker phone. I can hear all their advertisements in the next room. The Cleveland Clinic turnsContinue reading “Red Flag Vaccine”

Valid Corona/COVID Carrier Question

I wonder if the corona/COVID-19 vaccine will cure people who are carriers of corona/COVID-19 virus? Injecting them with antibodies might help to fight the virus they have in their system of which they are unaware. That’s a good reason to get everybody tested, whether they have symptoms or not.

There are different strains of coronavirus. So what does that mean for a vaccine?

Updated Apr 15, 12:28 PM; Posted Apr 15, 7:00 AM   While doctors say there are different strains of novel coronavirus, for the most part, they aren’t that different. (CDC) By Mary Kilpatrick,   CLEVELAND, Ohio — While doctors have found different strains of the novel coronavirus, until now doctors have believed they aren’t that different.Continue reading “There are different strains of coronavirus. So what does that mean for a vaccine?”

Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19?

Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19? By Yasemin Saplakoglu – Staff Writer  4.13.2020 Several clinical trials around the world are now examining whether this vaccine could protect against this new foe. Scientists around the world are racing to find ways out of the new coronavirus pandemic. Some are working to develop new drugs and vaccines, while others areContinue reading “Could a 100-year-old vaccine protect against COVID-19?”