Voting And Citizenship For Illegals

√ Regarding Voting by Illegals I say, if one lives and works in the USA and is a resident with an address, even if it is a homeless shelter, or they’re living with somebody else, they should be able to vote at the local, state, county and federal level. Put a two year holding timeContinue reading “Voting And Citizenship For Illegals”

Voting Is A Birthright Not A Privilege

BEING KICKED IN THE TEETH CAUSES CHAOS 3- As it turns out, the political party I spent my whole life supporting, denied me my right to assemble and protest because of who I voted for. Freedom to vote absent harassment isn’t clearly understood nor accepted by political figures including past presidents and their first ladies.Continue reading “Voting Is A Birthright Not A Privilege”


Utah ran out of ballots, knowing full well the turn out would be massive. They tried to pinch pennies on printing, then ended up in a mess. Inexcusable! Arizona had long lines, then closed while citizens were still in line. Keep the polling places open till the last person in line votes. Time limits areContinue reading “STOP RUNNING POLLING PLACES LIKE BUSINESSES”