THE RESISTANCE – a joke or a tragedy

Why is there a resistance movement in the United States? Resistance to what? Donald Trump? Republicans? Anybody who wants to work with Donald Trump, anybody who supports Donald Trump? Resistance to all white people, crackers, the white man, racists? Old white people? All men? All rich white people? How about rich brown or black people? Resistance to them too?

Probably because there are so many people who immigrated to the USA from countries where there was a resistance movement already in play – where they lived either under a dictatorship or in poverty, this whole notion of resistance gained traction. When they immigrated to the United States, they brought their political movements with them – immigrants largely do that – that’s all they know. There was a void in democratic leadership after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, and other democratic leaders were too incapacitated by the loss to fill that void.

Who would believe that the very people who were a part of exporting the USA system of democracy to other nations would be attempting to overthrow the legally and democratically elected leader of the United States? I guess we’ve been overthrowing dictators for so long around the world, that we caught that ‘overthrow the dictator’ bug.

We did it to others – many others – now we’re doing it to ourselves. The world is laughing. Maybe they’ll be crying before long. Destabilize the USA and the world economy collapses. This won’t be a World War III. It will be much worse.

Efforts to derail, undermine, take down a sitting president who was legally elected through the democratic process destabilizes a nation, making that nation vulnerable to corruption and attack from within and from outside its borders.

So you’ll stop the coup attempt if President Trump does what you want him to do? If he gets on board with your personal agenda, throws away all the laws, all the history, all the white culture (whatever that is), start all over and let you (the black and brown people) take charge? And you’ll let him go to some obscure country in South America to live out the remainder of his days?

That’s extortion, blackmail, terrorism and treason.

So this is a take over? A coup. In the United States? See what happens when you bring your ‘resistance to everything’ culture with you to a new country? You turn it into the same country that you ran from.




Steve just called after arriving to work, as he does each day he goes to work, to let me know he arrived safely, since he knows I worry with Black Lives Terrorists publicly stating that they’re targeting old white people.

We live in Cleveland, and although the mayor doesn’t think there’s an issue in Cleveland, that he and the Justice Department can’t handle, it was a little unsettling to see a group of black soldier – follower – types gathered around their leader chanting slogans and holding signs that read WORLD WAR III AGAINST THE WHITE MAN.

On the other hand, judging by all the social experiments conducted on the populace of Cleveland by the USA government, it would not at all surprise me if they weren’t all actors seeing what reaction they would elicit from people shopping downtown on a Sunday afternoon.

Either way, the message is chilling. If you’re white, you’re dead. World War III?! Are they kidding? Do they even know what a World War is? Guess they do if they’ve been recruited by ISIS.

If this is real, the mayor ought to take those racial slurs against white people and threats against white people as seriously as he takes the same against black people. Somehow I don’t see that happening. They every now and then feed a few white people to the black community to keep them settled down. I think that ‘live feed’ methodology needs to come to an end. How about NOW.

Did they have a permit? Or maybe they don’t need permits. Mayor Jackson said a while back that he was going to let them break the law. All of them. Every black person in Cleveland was the understanding. I somehow think he’s going to regret saying that. He didn’t give a time-table for when that allowance would end.

I wondered what happened to the WHITE WOMAN? No war against her? Upon further consideration I see their ploy. Do you want your husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin, grandfather to live? Then work for us. Work our cause and nothing will have to happen to the WHITE MEN.

That sounds like extortion. Work for us or we kill your husband. Whoa. I do not like that and I do not like the people advocating for it.

Once again Black Lives Terrorists get it wrong.