Many people and/or groups respect some animals and not others. 

Some species are preferred over others. Revered even. 

Other species are considered not worthy of life, except when keeping a species or a certain number of a certain species alive benefits humans in some way. The suffering that these animals within a species incur to serve the purpose of the human is irrelevant to the attitude of those using and abusing them for their benefit.

I’ve heard many people quote others who suggest that when humans respect other species, then they will respect other humans. But no one seems all that concerned about humans respecting other humans, except where that disrespect might lose one group some benefit and/or privilege that they seek. 

Humans have their favorite animals. That’s a good place to start. At least it’s not all-out war on all animals, though the number enslaved, tortured and slaughtered staggers even the universe. What’s happening on PLANET EARTH? Why are humans destroying all these animals who aren’t a threat to their existence? Why do they farm animals for food in place of plants?

Stopping oppression of other species, to the extent of not enslaving, torturing and slaughtering them will not change human behavior toward each other. There will still be prejudices and discrimination that results from those prejudices – some justified, some not. When you get to the point of enslavement by rejection, you’ve gone too far. You might as well give all humans a jail cell.

There are just too many people who don’t like other people, even people within their own families. There is going to have to be a huge correction in the DNA, of the human race, which probably is already on course to open doors to reconciliation without demands, acceptance without retribution or revenge. 

Seeing others as ourselves. Seeing the white person in the black person, the black person in the white person. Yeah, he looks a little like my sister, only he’s black. Crazy? Foxy? No mink for me. I’ve got my own hide to groom. Don’t need another animal on my back. My dog Howdy we used to call Grandpa, because elements of his personality reminded us of my father.

Opening up our reality, seeing ourselves in all others. That gnat had the most beautiful blue eyes and orange eye lashes. 

Culture is the culprit. Culture is what makes us different. Change the culture and change the prejudice. 

Superiority – one group (or individual) claiming to be better than or more important than another group (or individual). That betterness and greater importance lends some to think they deserve more than others. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.  But to what extent if they do, and to what extent if they don’t? Who decides? Paupers and the Privileged who eat Paupers. 

Maybe some worked harder, sacrificed more, maybe others didn’t have the opportunity and if they had, how would that have turned out for them? Lots of people become rich by winning the lottery and then go bankrupt. They didn’t have a plan along with the dream to be rich. Somebody isn’t suddenly going to plant you in rich land and like magic you’re going to know how to act, what to think, say and how to maneuver your way in new territory.

Too many Paupers and Privileged believe in magic, when they don’t want to do the work of something they covet.

I don’t want the Pauper nor the Privileged deciding my fate. We need to do that for ourselves independent of outside forces.

Regarding animals who eat other animals to survive? The ones they eat are on the path to extinction, which means they are also on that same path. When you are dependent on a species that will become extinct because you keep eating them, there is only one ultimate outcome. 

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