Now This Is Something To Pity

American Africans must have multiple personality disorder. They’ve got the entire black race in their minds – the good, the bad and the awful. No wonder they cry even when they succeed. No matter how rich and powerful they become, they can never break the chains to every person in their race that forever enslaves […]


U.S. Supreme Court justices question human rights claims against Nestle and Cargill

HWH: It’s beginning to sound like these huge corporations Nestle and Cargill want amnesty from law suits alleging slavery of some of their employees outside the United States, claiming they can’t be held responsible for what slaveholders do in other countries. Yes they can and should be held responsible. TOO BIG TO SUE? Not so […]


Ohio’s largest ever anti-human trafficking operation results in 154 rescues, 179 arrests 

HWH Comment: Make no mistake, human trafficking is slavery. People are bought and sold. Only men were arrested, but in my limited view, women play a part.    In Spanish communities, young girls have babies that are then used to keep adults without children in the country illegally. Sometimes I think the senior residence where […]