Build a Palestinian Holocaust Museum in Palestine

Details of 1948 Massacres against Palestinians Revealed in Classified Israeli Documents – Yahoo news

HWH COMMENT: I don’t believe the world didn’t know. It’s easy after the long fact to plead ignorance.

Britain had to know; they’re the ones who initiated a coincidal arrangement with the Jews in Palestine for Britain to release Palestine from it’s colonial grip whilst the Jews prepared to slip their foot into the same dictator role only under the label of occupation.

Sitting on the fence as they like to call their neutrality isn’t neutral at all. Who stands down and still in the face of massacres committed against an unarmed and ill-prepared people?

They’re always working behind the scenes they claim. Prove it then. What are you working toward? How many more decades will it take? Until all the Palestinians go home to other nations? Palestine is the home of Palestinians. That’s their Homeland.

Talks are under way? Prove it. Bring it all out into the open so the whole world can bear witness to the process. Make it a learning endeavor for all the world to experience by which the whole world benefits.

Behind closed doors is a strategy of the past. It takes too long. Let the world participate. It shouldn’t be one country’s decision anyway. There you go again with that supremacy trick of leaning over backwards to disprove the truth. It isn’t working any more; you’ve been exposed.

Open the closed doors and let the world in. No more secrets. Secrets tell lies and lies enslave, torture and slaughter people.

No preconditions. Israel is on trial; they don’t get to tell the judges their demands on how the trial proceeds. There can be no neutrality when people are living in a prison called occupation. To survive and thrive there?

The audacity of slave masters running any operation that involves any sacrifice.

You better have a plan Palestine. A plan other than putting on the shoulders of others that which is your responsibility. Why do you keep expecting others to present the solutions?

Tell the world how Israel declassified the least damning documents that were all altered on the ground in real time as the atrocities occurred. Nothing went unaltered, yet the bodies were proof, so they burned them – open air furnaces.

Build a Palestinian Holocaust Museum in Palestine

Retake what’s yours.

Demand all Israeli documents. A country with a military needs to enter Israel and seize all applicable records and release them to the entire world. Now. Peacefully.

Do you ever wonder why it took so long for Britain to leave the countries they occupied by force? They’re slow-pokers. They make a lot of quick meaningless movements to trick the world into thinking they’re getting out as fast as they can, when in reality they’re not making the large, bold moves required for a fast exit. They know what those moves entail and they have the mechanisms to implement them, but they don’t have the will.

Willpower isn’t their strong suit. Avoidance by putting everything under the secret talks label suits them better. They’re hoarders of people and lands and hoarders have a tough time letting go of anything they seize.

The English understand the Jews; they’re two peas in the same pot of stew. The Brits don’t understand why the Palestinians don’t just assimilate like all those peoples from all those lands that Britain colonized.

Ninety percent of the world assimilated under British colonialism/occupation. Even they submitted to the Vikings (Norway) when the Vikings invaded them.

Do you want to know why assimilation won’t and can’t occur in Palestine?

The Jews won’t allow assimilation; they choose to stay separate. They don’t play well with others unless they’re in charge of the game and they make the rules that benefit themselves, at everybody else’s expense, while claiming hard sacrifices, minutia in reality. They don’t care enough about non-Jews to seek fairness for all. It’s not in their nature. And when truth be told the Brits are notorious cheaters.

Jews play the long game, making the lives of Palestinians living hells so they’ll move out of the region. Ariel Sharon once had a plan to vacate Palestine of Palestinians by giving them all a one way ticket to Siberia. Yes, it was serious enough to make the news.

Open all the doors. No more secrets. Secrets tell lies.

Palestinians, Jews, the world deserve the truth in all matters that affect their lives.

If there’s a needs for secrets, then somebody did somebody wrong. And that wrong begs to be righted.



Details of 1948 Massacres against Palestinians Revealed in Classified Israeli Documents

December 10, 2021

Palestinian refugees were forced by Zionist militias to flee their homes during the ‘Nakba’ – The Catastrophe – of 1948.

Israeli government discussions on the massacres perpetrated by Israeli soldiers in 1948 were declassified for the first time this week in an investigative report published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and the Akevot Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research.

Entitled, ‘Classified Docs Reveal Massacres of Palestinians in ’48 – and What Israeli Leaders Knew’, the report exposes two large-scale operations launched by the Israeli army in October 1948, one based in the south, known as Operation Yoav, which opened a road to the Negev; and another in the north, Operation Hiram.

As part of the latter, within 30 hours, Israeli soldiers attacked dozens of Palestinian villages, forcefully expelling tens of thousands of Palestinian residents, while thousands of others fled.

Nearly 120,000 Palestinians, including the elderly, women and children resided in the area; however, following Israel’s massacre only 30,000 Palestinians were left.

“Within less than three days, the IDF [army] had conquered the Galilee and also extended its reach into villages in southern Lebanon. The overwhelming majority of them took no part in the fighting,” reported Haaretz.

The investigation also revealed accounts regarding previously unknown massacres that took place in the villages of Al-Reineh, just north of Nazareth, Meron and in Al-Burj.

Before the brutal attacks against Palestinians during Operation Hiram, the village of Al-Burj, presently known as Modi’in Illit – a large ultra-Orthodox settlement in the occupied West Bank – was raided in July 1948.

According to a document found in the Yad Yaari Archive, four elderly men remained in the village after its capture. “Hajj Ibrahim, who helped out in the military kitchen, a sick elderly woman and another elderly man and elderly woman.”

Eight days after the village was raided by Israeli occupation forces, Ibrahim was sent on an errand to pick vegetables by an Israeli soldier, in order to keep him away from the atrocity the soldiers were ready to commit.

“The three others were taken to an isolated house. Afterward an anti-tank shell was fired. When the shell missed the target, six hand grenades were thrown into the house. They killed an elderly man and woman, and the elderly woman was put to death with a firearm,” according to the document.

“Afterward they torched the house and burned the three bodies. When Hajj Ibrahim returned with his guard, he was told that the three others had been sent to the hospital in Ramallah. Apparently he didn’t believe the story, and a few hours later he too was put to death, with four bullets,” added the document.

The declassified State Archives also consist of several pages of minutes from those years, including the testimony of Shmuel Mikunis, a member of the Provisional State Council (predecessor to the Knesset) from the Communist Party, who reported on the atrocities perpetrated in the Meron region.

The declassified documents, investigated in Haaretz’s report also includes details on the Hula massacre in Lebanon and the depopulated Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. Though the report is lengthy, the paper highlights that many more details remain unknown.

Articles From Haaretz News


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