The Pfizers Sores Came Back one year almost to the day

CCF lawyers edited all the current test results, in my medical chart at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, except one, or so they claim after I inquired about it to my Dr. in writing on MyChart and over the phone. Bacteria originally was found in the urine and a small amount in the biopsied vasculitis. When IContinue reading “The Pfizers Sores Came Back one year almost to the day”

They Torture Animals Don’t They?

“Every torturer knows that humans are animals.”~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Everybody who works at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has the same name for liability purposes: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation CCF TORTURES PATIENTS With Impunity

Vaccine Designers Pulling The Masks Over The Eyes Of The World

My Experience. The effects of the original virus before I was vaccinated left, naturally, a long time ago. What stayed were the vaccines, all the COVID symptoms turned to vaccine symptoms absent the fever. Too many vaccines puts one in vaccine overload, which creates more intense symptoms, some old, some new, some that may notContinue reading “Vaccine Designers Pulling The Masks Over The Eyes Of The World”

All Genders Own Their Own Bodies

Men share a bond that women don’t. That’s because traditionally bound by culture, women had to scrap and connive for what they got. They didn’t own anything, not even themselves. Not much has changed, when you lump the whole world together. Even in more progressive cultures, lines are drawn in favor of the male across allContinue reading “All Genders Own Their Own Bodies”

We Are A Virus

We Are A Virus A Multitude Of Viruses We manufacture harbor transmit viruses. What vs Who Maybe it’s whatever created/designed us, not whoever created/designed us that we should be looking at. We are virus-originated-virus-engineered-virus designed creatures. That’s why we attract viruses. We’re designed to attract them. We are in fact a virus. Do chemicals comeContinue reading “We Are A Virus”

Blacks in America Altering Science Again 

The USA government under the direction of Joe Biden via the military at his command altered and diminished the threat of Monkeypox on behalf of black African peoples who copulate with monkeys apes chimpanzees, then come to America to continue the sexual carnage via gay humans. It’s a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease which alsoContinue reading “Blacks in America Altering Science Again “

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Why So Sick India?

Why So Sick India? Why does India have so many sick people, very sick, damaged, disfigured people, when they say turmeric and pepper cures the world of all that ails it? Why does the world buy into it? Because they say it with confidence and back it up with science. How can one prove somethingContinue reading “Why So Sick India?”

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Questions Need Answers

Commentary by Sharon 1.18-21.2022: I’m in support of the vaccine, however, if experts claim that domestic animals can be infected, but they can’t pass it on, then why kill all those hamsters and minks and other small animals who tested positive? If the dogs and cats can’t give it to humans, can they give it toContinue reading “Questions Need Answers”

Factor Out The Dizziness

Factor Out The Dizziness To the pharmaceuticals worldwide: If you can create the dizziness you can factor it out. Stop being so lazy. Figure it out. Every drug made but particularly those with which seniors are treated contain the dizzy factor as a common side effect. Consider the number of medications seniors take, each oneContinue reading “Factor Out The Dizziness”

What is the Nipah virus and why is it more deadly than COVID-19? A virus expert explains.

Disease caused by Nipah virus A Nipah virus infection is a viral infection caused by the Nipah virus. Symptoms from infection vary from none to fever, cough, headache, shortness of breath, and confusion. This may worsen into a coma over a day or two, and 50% to 75% of those infected die. Complications can includeContinue reading “What is the Nipah virus and why is it more deadly than COVID-19? A virus expert explains.”

Licensed drug could reduce SAR | EurekAlert! Science News Releases

NEWS RELEASE 6-AUG-2021 Licensed drug could reduce SARS-CoV-2 infection by up to 70 per cent, reveals study Peer-Reviewed Publication UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM A licensed drug normally used to treat abnormal levels of fatty substances in the blood could reduce infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus by up to 70 per cent, reveals a study in theContinue reading “Licensed drug could reduce SAR | EurekAlert! Science News Releases”

China seals city as its worst virus outbreak in a year grows

BEIJING (AP) — China’s worst coronavirus outbreak since the start of the pandemic a year and a half ago escalated Wednesday with dozens more cases around the country, the sealing-off of one city and the punishment of its local leaders. Since that initial outbreak was tamed last year, China’s people had lived virtually free ofContinue reading “China seals city as its worst virus outbreak in a year grows”

Few Days on Antibiotics Often as Good as Weeks – Scientific American

Shorter courses cause fewer side effects and breed fewer antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” Dozens of studies show that for many bacterial infections, a short course of antibiotics, measured in days, performs as well as the traditional course, measured in weeks. Shorter courses also carry a lower risk of side effects… Continue Source: A Few Days on Antibiotics AreContinue reading “Few Days on Antibiotics Often as Good as Weeks – Scientific American”


Autoimmune Hysteria If our immune systems are in a perpetual state of fighting the CORONACOVID virus and its variants that something or someone is flooding the environment with, then masses of people should be developing autoimmune responses. The media acts as if we can run but not hide from this lethal virus and its multitudinousContinue reading “AUTOIMMUNE HYSTERIA”

Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats – Scientific American

Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats Health experts around the world are focused on SARS-CoV-2, but similar viruses and microbial organisms such as bacteria could create the next global killer By Mike May, Nature Medicine on May 13, 2021 Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats Credit: Marina Spence Nature Medicine In the midst of the winter rampage of COVID-19—withContinue reading “Tomorrow’s Biggest Microbial Threats – Scientific American”

Fulfilling The Prophecy

Fulfilling The Prophecy If you keep telling the world that the virus is targeting old people, the younger people will believe that nature is culling the herd and will seek subconsciously to fulfill that prophecy. Better the old people die if the world population needs to be lowered because of overpopulation, rather than the youngContinue reading “Fulfilling The Prophecy”

CRISPR tomatoes

HWH: Do we really need to be sedated by eating tomatoes? How many other fruits and vegetables have this sedating quality? Feeling sleepy? Maybe it’s the food you ate? Do consumers have the right to know when they’re being sedated by their food? Danger lurks. Should people on blood pressure lowering drugs not eat tomatoes?Continue reading “CRISPR tomatoes”

Kirby Manor aka Public Housing

Kirby Manor aka Senior Public Housing Nothing ever gets better here. After periods of time complaining and reporting grievances and issues to owners, to a post office box that won’t accept certified or even registered letters, with no response except a form letter from a person who doesn’t exist, people just stop caring about whatContinue reading “Kirby Manor aka Public Housing”


1 – Viruses look for a weak spot – an opening – just like people do, just like the universe does, just like the wind and sand and floods do. Keep your defenses up. If you argue don’t stay mad – switch gears and talk brass tacks. Do it right away rather than stew inContinue reading “THE VIRUS”

I Have A Question(s)

Once a person has been infested with the coronavirus/COVID-19, how long does it take for it to leave all body systems? And when no longer symptomatic, does that simply mean that the virus is dormant, but still present? Once a person has the virus, do they build up an immunity to it? If the virusContinue reading “I Have A Question(s)”


Even if it’s in the hallway to empty the trash. Or when opening doors for deliveries. You don’t know if the delivery driver is sick. Yes. That is what I’m going to do now. The only reason why the government tells people not to wear the protective masks, is to decrease the panic level. ButContinue reading “WEAR MASKS WHEN OUT OF THE HOME”


Why are the rich and famous the only ones being tested for COVID-19? OR ARE THEY? How much does a test cost? What are the required symptoms to get tested? How sick do you have to be? Evidently not very sick. President Trump was exposed, then tested negative? Are you sure it wasn’t a falseContinue reading “TELL ME WHO”

French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus

With practically everybody in the USA on anti-inflammatory meds, quitting them might be a way to stay alive if you contract COVID-19, [since 95 million people have been statistically given a death sentence in the USA alone]. A fever means your body is fighting the virus. To artificially reduce the fever, may render the bodyContinue reading “French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus”


Yes that’s right, they murder people and all other animals and life forms. They’re smart – smarter than we are. So it takes a lot of smart people to combat those terrorist viruses. Viruses don’t eat, so they can’t grow, they can only multiply, but they can’t multiply themselves. They need a cell they canContinue reading “VIRUSES ARE TERRORISTS”

CHINA DEATH TOLL REACHES 259 WHO Warns countries to prepare

I read this guy on Facebook shaming Europeans in advance should they start blaming particular races (racism, he called it) for this coronavirus global epidemic, reminding them and the world that it was the Europeans who spread “their” diseases to all the aboriginal people on the planet, often wiping out entire populations. I thought toContinue reading “CHINA DEATH TOLL REACHES 259 WHO Warns countries to prepare”