Few Days on Antibiotics Often as Good as Weeks – Scientific American

Shorter courses cause fewer side effects and breed fewer antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”

Dozens of studies show that for many bacterial infections, a short course of antibiotics, measured in days, performs as well as the traditional course, measured in weeks. Shorter courses also carry a lower risk of side effects…

Continue Source: A Few Days on Antibiotics Are Often as Good as Weeks, Research Shows – Scientific American

HWH ClipBoard: That’s all well and good, but doctors aren’t practicing that type of medicine yet. What does the patient do? If the prescription says ten days, do five days?

That still doesn’t put the responsibility on the pharmaceutical companies to factor out adverse side effects that don’t go away when the medicine is stopped.

Pharmaceuticals need to accept responsibility for their mistakes and stop trying to make people healthier by making them sicker – forever.

That forever word is scary. You mean I’m going to have this side effect forever?

Something besides reducing the dose needs to be done.

However, it’s been my experience that doctors when treating the common diseases associated with obesity: high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes that they bombard the body with medications that get the jobs done, but land the patient in kidney, heart or liver failure.

What good is that? It’s wrong. Doctors need to slow up. It’s like they’re in a competition for a fast cure, but they’re killing the patient in the process from overprescribing every drug.

Having a different doctor for every organ is part of the problem. Each doctor prescribes something different, sometimes overlapping areas of treatment and it puts the patient in jeopardy.

Reduce the dose on all medications to the least amount required for optimal benefit – not optimal lab numbers that are the same for everybody – but optimal quality of life.


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