The Pfizers Sores Came Back one year almost to the day

CCF lawyers edited all the current test results, in my medical chart at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, except one, or so they claim after I inquired about it to my Dr. in writing on MyChart and over the phone. Bacteria originally was found in the urine and a small amount in the biopsied vasculitis. When IContinue reading “The Pfizers Sores Came Back one year almost to the day”

Getting Away With Murder

Attempted murder is criminal. That’s what the Cleveland Clinic Foundation tried to do to my husband, Steve. If I hadn’t stayed on the phone those 42 minutes screaming so someone could hear me, he’d be dead. Even so, the abuse continued.

Who Is They?

Who Is They? They test one of the smallest bones in your body, then they supercharge you with drugs to treat osteoporosis – or any other disease or disorder. They want instant results absent titration (getting the body gradually used to the drug), for financial gain – to open the Wall Streets lined with moneyContinue reading “Who Is They?”

Steve Talks To The Executive Ombudsman

Steve Talks To The Executive Ombudsman Upon calling and getting an uncooperative response from the ombudsman’s office (Office of Patient Experience), Steve asked to talk to a supervisor. He was put in touch with the executive ombudsman Sam Something, who gave the same uncooperative response, acting as if he knew nothing about it, failing toContinue reading “Steve Talks To The Executive Ombudsman”


OVER-THE-TOP He was not rude or combative nor a threat. He was trying to answer the rapid fire questions that his interrogator kept changing up on him. Who does that to a cardiac patient coming out of ICU into a step-down unit, because they needed beds? What? A step-down into hell, recruit? Recruit? He’s aContinue reading “OVER-THE-TOP”

They Torture Animals Don’t They?

“Every torturer knows that humans are animals.”~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Everybody who works at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has the same name for liability purposes: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation CCF TORTURES PATIENTS With Impunity

A Cure Blocked By Pfizer And Clinics They Serve?

The enemy doesn’t have an antidote even if one exists. Remember that. Especially if they’re conducting a study in absence of one.

I Can’t ShaKe It…

He could hardly walk, he could hardly talk, but his stats were fine, according to the standardization method grouping all world peoples as one @the CCF. His brain fog grew closer and closer to zero visibility, but his stats were fine enough for open-heart surgery, the CCF claimed. We treat patients like family they claimContinue reading “I Can’t ShaKe It…”

Vaccine Designers Pulling The Masks Over The Eyes Of The World

My Experience. The effects of the original virus before I was vaccinated left, naturally, a long time ago. What stayed were the vaccines, all the COVID symptoms turned to vaccine symptoms absent the fever. Too many vaccines puts one in vaccine overload, which creates more intense symptoms, some old, some new, some that may notContinue reading “Vaccine Designers Pulling The Masks Over The Eyes Of The World”

Fulfilling The Prophecy

Fulfilling The Prophecy If you keep telling the world that the virus is targeting old people, the younger people will believe that nature is culling the herd and will seek subconsciously to fulfill that prophecy. Better the old people die if the world population needs to be lowered because of overpopulation, rather than the youngContinue reading “Fulfilling The Prophecy”

French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus

With practically everybody in the USA on anti-inflammatory meds, quitting them might be a way to stay alive if you contract COVID-19, [since 95 million people have been statistically given a death sentence in the USA alone]. A fever means your body is fighting the virus. To artificially reduce the fever, may render the bodyContinue reading “French Warn Against Anti-Inflammatory Drugs To Treat Coronavirus”


Changing medical records by omission, deletion, addition, re-wording, alteration or by any other means or mode is tampering of the witness. Medical records serve as witness to the condition of the patient, and are subject to an outsider’s interpretation, not a factual interpretation. The only objective participant is the patient, since it’s the patient’s body,Continue reading “YOUR MEDICAL RECORD IS A WITNESS”