The Pfizers Sores Came Back one year almost to the day

CCF lawyers edited all the current test results, in my medical chart at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, except one, or so they claim after I inquired about it to my Dr. in writing on MyChart and over the phone. Bacteria originally was found in the urine and a small amount in the biopsied vasculitis. When I asked for an antibiotic, the physician Dr. Davis said ‘not until you take the steroids and all the sores are gone’. I was getting significantly worse, so went to my primary care and he gave me the antibiotic, which significantly reduced the number and severity of the vasculitis eruptions…

CCF did the same thing years ago after a deviated septum surgery. The doctor who was in charge of the surgery, Dr. Lavertu, admitted to me that they operated on the wrong side, resulting now in both nostrils collapsing when I breathed in through my nose. He had me come in to be examined by him personally and apologized. Years later when requesting my complete file after a Dr. Garvin was abusive beyond anything anyone would regard as acceptable behavior, all the CCF sent was a stack of blank papers with Dr. Lavertu’s surgical report on top. In that report it shows nothing occurred in error, which demonstrates that even way back then they were altering, thus falsifying, records for liability purposes. When medical mistakes or medical negligence occurs, the CCF assumes there will be a lawsuit, so they comb the records for any sign of liability and they change it to their benefit – leaving no trace that it was changed.

…After the actions taken by my primary care, who was not part of the Cleveland Clinic system, lawyers went in and removed the bacteria result from the biopsied eruptions. Doctor Davis (the dermatologist) chose to biopsy the smallest just barely discernible bumps in the skin, rather than the full blown eruptions, then put me on aggressive treatment with steroids to treat it, which I didn’t want. It was that or nothing. “Take the steroids and wait till all sores are gone, then if it comes back I’ll give you an antibiotic”. As stated, my primary doctor intervened in my best interests and told me to tell the CCF dermatologist to withdraw me from the steroids – ‘the dose was way too high and I had a long history of NOT taking medications on a regular basis’. He now diagnosed me with ATAXIA (although I did not become aware of that until I received a copy of my chart from Tailored Heath Care in Lakewood, Ohio, because he was leaving for some other post and the primary care program was being discontinued. No one had ever diagnosed me with Ataxia before. It appears that it’s incurable and causes death after total body paralysis. A long life is not predicted. Most people who get Ataxia get it early in life. That this happened post pfizer booster #4 at 73 years old is suspect.

I was reluctant to take steroids. Doctor Davis said she took them and felt like wonder woman and she didn’t have any side effects. I was still reluctant. She kept indicating there was no other option. She then said she would put me on the smallest dose. I finally agreed to the smallest dose. ‘Ten milligrams she said; that’s the smallest’.

When I picked them up at the pharmacy, it said on the bottle ten milligrams, but said I had to take three all at once, which equalled thirty milligrams. I was in so much distress over the continuing eruptions and the severe itching and pain that wouldn’t let up, that I took them.

She acted as if I was in a study, so wouldn’t let me take any over the counter pain meds or supplements. I tried the antihistamines she ordered for a while, but they didn’t work well and slowed my thinking, so I could hardly speak. Maybe it was the steroids that did that, but even now if I try an antihistamine to treat the itching it effects my speech and memory to find words.

When the Cleveland Clinic hires CIA and military doctors who get recruited by the CIA while still in college, or after having served in the armed forces, they have a purpose. That purpose is to hurt or neutralize patients (render incapacitated), otherwise why would the CIA recruit doctors? The CIA tortures people, which means the Cleveland Clinic knowingly and willingly hires torturers for the purpose of harming people whom the USA government thinks are a threat to whatever agendas they consider are being threatened. Activists in all areas are prime targets.

The CIA can also alter lab results, medication, you name it; there are a thousand ways to kill a patient or render them unable to perform whatever duties the government deems a threat – speaking for those who have no voice thus no choices is a common one. Vegans are a priority, since profits from the slaughter industries form the foundations of nearly all world economies.

Hey, and if they can’t get to you through your doctors, they have assets and operatives throughout the food, beverage, lodging and entertainment industries. If you’re on their target list, they know where you go and where and with whom you hang.

THE PFIZER SORES CAME BACK almost to the day of my fourth pfizer booster, which was administered on 23 April 2022 at a Cleveland Clinic facility.

placeholder re: injection and person giving it

Although the sores never completely disappeared leaving many scars beneath the surface, and the itching of feet and hands morning and evening continued throughout the year, they were greatly reduced to where I wasn’t always aware of them until early morning and evening.

A day or so after the 23rd of April 2023 I noticed new eruptions on my legs, much like the original ones. Not that many, but it alarmed me.

I sensed that these were not going to suddenly disappear as I hoped and finally took some photos on 11 May 2023 to document in case they did not. The associated itching and deep needle pain was severe in both morning and evening.

On 18 May 2023 I took more photos after seeing that the eruptions got worse. Gradually the larger eruptions had subsided and were replaced with multiple smaller ones, reddish-brownish in color. I also noticed that my hands, elbows and various other body parts itched and were reddened. The most severe itching though is on both feet and hands – some bony prominences, some fatty and some neither.

It is my view that these eruptions are Covid vaccine related. There can be no other cause. I’ve searched and searched for other reasons, but none came even close to the pfizer vaccine booster #4. The contiguous factor remains the most compelling. Plus the fact that this #4 booster appears to have a memory as well as a vengeful factor. The vaccine within in me is trying with all its might to finish the job it started one year ago.

The Cleveland Clinic rather than assist in a treatment and recovery program, spent one year covering up facts and altering records for liability purposes. I even got shut out of my email account and the Cleveland Clinic files I stored there were gone. They offered no alternative treatment and they either failed to notify pfizer pharmaceuticals or they did advise and the two worked together to make me disappear on paper.

This is not going away and due to their nefarious cover-up actions it’s beginning to look like it was intentional. The abuse is overwhelming. Pfizer and the Cleveland Clinic need to do something about this. I am not going to subject myself to further abuse by the ombudsman’s office. I am not going to answer any questions on a recorded line for their benefit. I do not trust the Cleveland Clinic or pfizer with my body and I don’t have money for a lawyer who will only be bought off by both.

You waited too long hoping I would die. There are consequences for harming patients, then covering it up…


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