RE: Drop Down Menus

Menus basically consist of categories, pages and links. When constructing a menu for my site, over time my menu will grow as I expand the site. This growth is reflected in the number of categories, pages and links. To make the menu appear smaller than it is, for efficiency and efficacy reasons we separate and … Continue reading RE: Drop Down Menus


RE: Fixed/Sticky Menus

Fixed/Sticky menus are menus that don't scroll out of sight when you scroll down your blog or website. They stay fixed at the top of the page, taking space away from your content, but they also are always there on the page, no matter how long you scroll, so that when you want to select … Continue reading RE: Fixed/Sticky Menus

Persia In Texas

Word Press lies like a Persian rug in Texas. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight about views and visitors  

Assault Advertisements – a partial remedy

One day I checked how my Word Press sites looked on my Kindle tablet. Was I ever surprised to see the ads popping up for foot fungus and a bunch of other creepy stuff next to my food posts. Food, non-food, it didn't matter. Grotesque stuff. Who would even make an ad like that if … Continue reading Assault Advertisements – a partial remedy