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HWH Comment: This is what happens when we open our borders to other peoples who bring their cultures with them while snubbing their noses at ours. The rights, practices, and policies that we follow as a rule of decency become obsolete and their barbaric practices become the culture of what once was our land. Why? Because they win in court.

That individual states could rule against it and don’t is an affront to the American way of life, that gets tossed aside in favor of votes at the ballot box from cultures who don’t respect the freedoms we want for our children to be free of forced mutilation of any type.

This should be a wake-up call to protect the freedoms we took for granted based on practice, not law.

It’s time to make the laws reflect our way of life before the Muslims and Indians completely annihilate our culture of freedom. There is nothing religious about mutilating anybody’s body. It is a forced enslavement practice instituted by men to control women (and mothers to control daughters). A practice found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. How widespread does it have to become before we Americans wake up to it happening right under our noses and now gets defended in USA court and the practice of sexually mutilating young girls wins.

Sexual mutilation removes the clitoris from the female anatomy, robbing her of the ability to achieve orgasm.

That is not what Americans call freedom. Freeing men or women to mutilate young girls is an abomination that must end – right here in the USA where it has already won favor in the high courts.

Where’s the #MeToo movement and NOW (National Organization for Women) and all those Hollywood actors who get down on their knees to please men in order to gain favorable parts on stage and screen? Only when it’s about them do they issue a public opinion about something that is sure to keep their names relevant, like apologizing for the social conditions that black Americans collectively perpetuate against themselves for further financial and political gain.

This is disgusting. Judges need to be held accountable and stop shuffling all the controversial cases back to the states. We are a nation of fifty states, not fifty countries.

Forced mutilation needs to be outlawed at the federal level. In no state in our union should it be legal.

Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised that the Democrats remain silent. They remain silent when women are forced to birth abort-slated fetuses so the fetus remains intact while specimen-collecting lab staff dismember the fetus for body parts. No anesthesia is even used, to prevent the fetus from feeling the pain of the savage dismemberment.

That also should be outlawed at the federal level. In no state in the union should women be forced to birth a fetus when they go in for an abortion, for the purpose of handing over mutilated body parts to scientific labs to be used for research.

Nobody wants to offend the Muslims or Indians, or Africans or Asians but they don’t mind sanctioning through the courts the sexual mutilation of their daughters.

Politicians want their votes. That’s why they allow it. Since when do all religions dictate to us what is moral and right? How many buildings do you have to see blown up, how many people blown up in the name of religion? Ban this practice. You have no idea the harm you did by not fighting this.


No, you’d rather fixate ad nauseam on Donald Trump’s hairdo or the orange tint of his tanning lotion. These same people burn cities if anyone criticizes their fuzzy hair or black face. Come on. What is wrong with you people??

Why isn’t anybody lighting up the world to say NO to forced sexual mutilation? Yeah, this same lack of concern coming from a country where historically they forcibly removed the hands of young children who were caught stealing. Are you kidding me?

These surgeries can’t be reversed. No parent should be allowed to consent to unnecessary surgeries against anybody.

I don’t care if the parents consent. Any parent who consents is not fit to be a parent – man or woman, father or mother, I don’t care who claims responsibility. No form of consent by anybody makes it okay.

Why don’t we start removing the perineal nerve in the penis of boys? You know, for religious reasons. Control world population. How about that? Yeah, I thought so. Or remove the prostate gland. Or the testicles. Neuter them all. Yeah afraid of that one, aren’t you?

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Women’s rights advocates said they were shocked when a federal judge in Michigan ruled this week that a law protecting girls from genital mutilation was unconstitutional.

They called his decision a serious blow to girls’ rights. Legal experts said the judge made clear that U.S. states have authority to ban the practice, though only about half do.

Here is a look at the ruling, which dismissed several charges against a doctor accused of cutting nine girls in three states as part of a religious custom, and what could happen next.

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Catching Up

> Alcohol and drug addicts are becoming a menace to society. There is a cure. The alcohol and drug industries are blocking it. Profits are too high across the board. The high cost of liquor and drugs isn’t a deterrent to those who use; it’s a liability. People are vomiting in bars all over Cleveland. Bartenders, reliant on tips, over serve. It’s not the over-pour, though that’s a problem for some too, it’s the total amount it takes.

Customers come in with high risk bands all over their wrists and bartenders put blinders on to get that tip, putting the entire establishment at high risk. Bartenders and wait staff need to be trained. Courses need to be mandatory and paid for by each city/town. They don’t need to be long or cumbersome. But they have to take a test to pass.

Unfortunately the food and beverage industry is comprised of a bunch of con artists, who care only about how much they can steal from the establishment and the customer. The alert must go out, and all owners, management and the rank and file working in the food and beverage industry need to wake up and see how they’re contributing to the decline of a nation by continuing to serve drunk people or people who come in who are clearly drugged out of their minds. Why would any thinking person serve someone like that?

I say abolish tipping. Why should I pay someone to be nice to me, just because it’s their job to bring the food to my table?

Customers have to literally fall off their chairs before being refused any more service, and even then another concerned customer usually has to bring it to the attention of the server so everybody else hears it. Short pouring only makes more profits for the owners of their bars, since people will drink what they need if allowed, and will stay as long as it takes to hear that ‘click in their brain or pass out, no matter the cost.

The cost to the consumer is moral and financial bankruptcy.

Pursue the cure to all ends and all costs, before it blows up in everybody’s faces. It’s there. You know it’s there.

> Oh, and build that Goddamn wall. There are terrorists in the jungles training, waiting for the right time to strike. Let all the super rich people in the USA foot the bill. Yeah, blacks too. Open your wallets or shut your mouths. Oh yeah, we understand, you like to spend everybody’s money but your own.

Spanish speakers from south of the border fund terrorist organizations by sending USA dollars to their so-called families. Everybody who looks and talks like they do is their family. When are people going to wake up to that reality.

> Black people are the majority on continental Africa and look what they’ve done with that majority. They still act like barbarians.

Some of the oldest so-called civilizations on the planet are the least civilized. Talk about getting stuck in the mud.

Every time an African black in the USA gets shot during the commission of a crime or when resisting arrest or being stopped by police pretending to have a gun, the entire African black community puts the cop on trial, then the entire white community on trial, when the one committing the crime or pretending to have a gun is exonerated in their eyes on their side of the street in their world. That type of thinking is precisely why continental Africa after all these thousands of years is still in the sewer.

If you can’t see the discrimination in collective punishment then you don’t know what discrimination is. You’ve been the recipient of affirmative action for so long, that you don’t remember a time without receiving privileged treatment, while not having to do the work of competing for jobs, education and other services.

> I read an article the other day about someone being shot when they stole a car. The black community thinks there’s nothing wrong with stealing somebody’s car, because the owner has insurance and will buy another one. It isn’t that simple, and it’s highly stressful. I had four different cars, one after the other stolen for that reason.

But stop and think about the level of logic that exists in an entire race of people, who think it’s their right to take without payment anything that they can get away with taking and when they don’t get away with it, their families riot in defense of the criminals – it’s always in defense of the criminals or people who don’t think laws apply to them.

A couple of days later, in back of some international school near where I live, I was cutting through the parking lot and saw a black kid trying to steal two bicycles that were locked in a bicycle rack.

As I walked, another black kid turned the corner and saw the thief. The look on his face when he saw his bike being stolen told me to get out fast. He ran toward the kid, I kept walking fast, then heard what sounded like firecrackers behind me. Pop pop. A few seconds later I figured they were gun shots.

As I turned to look I heard activity, but the cars and vans in the lot blocked my view. It probably isn’t a good idea to have a bicycle rack in a place that’s hidden from view behind a building rather than in front of the building where the foot traffic would discourage the theft.

So, that tall kid supposedly setting off firecrackers didn’t like it when it was his bicycle being stolen. In fact, he shot at the kid doing the stealing. Guns shouldn’t be allowed in that school. Who even checks?

> We need better anti-stalking laws and anti-harassment laws in the USA. NOW – not three years from now. Maxine Water’s public call to harm targeted people in public places by disrupting their activities using cruelty to force them onto the bandwagon of their oppressive, prejudicial agendas needs to be looked at more seriously than it has been.

No law in any location anywhere within the USA should allow for that inhumane treatment of any individual.

All citizens are free to move about the country.

Blocking that access should be a federal crime. It’s tantamount to kidnapping, enslavement and psychological torture, and it adversely affects all those in the environment where it occurs.

The right to assemble does not include the right to abuse and menace individuals who hold public office or who don’t hold any office, when they go out to public places to engage in activities of daily living. Somebody’s going to get hurt.

The laws must apply to everyone. Policy vs practice vs law need to come together in order to stop the discrimination based on group affiliation or political party.

Most communities have anti-menacing laws. Use them. Then rewrite them to cover all citizens, not just famous people or public people. African blacks in America keep saying they’re human beings, well European white people are human beings too. It’s a good idea to treat others how you like to be treated instead of how you don’t like to be treated. The logic in that second approach is backwards. In fact, what your logic does is allow for the violence within to emerge through your words and actions absent accountability.

Hurting people as a method to force them into doing what you want them to do is slavery. Stop making the USA into Africa. Slavery was outlawed in the USA a long time ago. Stop trying to bring it back. It has no place in a free country.

One of these days you’re going to wake up to a world where terrorizing others with your jungle screams won’t get you immediately what you want and you’ll actually have to do the work of progress like everybody else. There are no short cuts that work long-term.

Screaming like spoiled brats with nothing of substance to say, except you want what somebody else has without paying or working for it, has already gotten really old.

> Plastics is a big killer of animals –  in the bodies of water all over the planet where the human animal thinks it’s their right to dump their waste and pollute the habitats of other species, not equal to them is always their excuse – but someone who cares about other species dying from the disposable plastics all over the planet have bioengineered via bioplastics a new and improved bag that actually dissolves over about forty-five days in sea water. In fact it’s so safe that one can drink it.

Take a look at this website explaining their engineering goals and products. Their products are made from renewable resources made from plants. That didn’t take long. Mass produce the products. Take plastics off the shelf.



Guns ‘ablazin’ my little chickadees…

The world was set ablaze when President Trump on 1-11-2018 in heated discussions at the White House called Haiti and Africa shitholes. Matthew Dowd (a Republican political consultant) acting like the president follows his personal decorum recommendations told the president he should go to the Statue of Liberty gifted by the French on his next visit to his home in Manhattan and read the inscription”…give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…”

Bet the Native Americans didn’t like that offer of free land (their land) to everyone in the world who thirsted for more money. It was no longer about religious freedom as it was for the pilgrims, who by the way as part of their religious and political beliefs burned women at the stake for practicing theirs’.

They are shitholes Matthew. Both of them. Matthew goes on to stake a claim on his own status as a son of immigrants implying that they are all equal, based solely on the fact that his family were immigrants.

Open your weary mind Matthew and huddle closer to the truth. Immigrants are not all equal. You didn’t even know those relatives. However, look from where they came, where you are now and where the country they left is now. They all progressed. They all evolved to a better place. They all worked for a finer future for all.

Look at Haiti then, look at Haiti just thirty years ago, look at Haiti now. Ireland picked themselves up. The total of Europe picked themselves up, worked together to form a more perfect union. The immigrants of the United States had nothing. The Haitians had nothing. Ireland had nothing. The Haitians still have nothing.

Haitians didn’t evolve because they didn’t want to evolve. They have that right – not everybody wants to. Until things get rough, then they want to come into a place where somebody else has done all the work and start from the finish line to live a better life that somebody else made for them. They want the finished product – that’s the new immigrant – looking for the finished product, what country can give them more in monetary benefits.

Maybe the French should give Haiti a Statue of Liberty.

Africans with some of the greatest resources on the planet don’t know what to do with them. Why is that? After centuries, after millennia, more than that maybe if they were the first to land on the planet. Why so backwards? Why is the middle east so backwards? They’ve been here longer, with more land, more resources, why such slow progress? They want the future, but they want somebody else to make it for them.

USA immigrants were poor and look where they are now. Look where Europe is now, the previous home to most of the immigrants. Even China, look where they are now.

President Trump has a keen gut. Puerto Rico couldn’t muster truck drivers to help out in the relief effort when they were hit by a hurricane. They went on strike – wanted ten or more times the going rate for driving truck. It didn’t matter that people were stranded and dying, they thought money first. They didn’t drop everything to help a neighbor. They didn’t find a way. They sat or stood and shouted and waited for help.

If I didn’t have a dress and needed one, I’d find a way to make one, I wouldn’t steal one.

If I didn’t have a car, I’d find another way to get to work, I wouldn’t steal somebody else’s car.

If the neighborhood needed a road, the guys and some gals would pitch in and figure out how to make one.

The ingenuity factor is lacking in many new-day immigrants. Wave a magic wand and voila the new land and all its benefits – food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, social services are yours for free. You don’t even have to learn the language.

Not that long ago a bunch of immigrants applied to Lithuania for asylum. They were accepted. When they arrived in Lithuania, the money package wasn’t what they wanted, so they applied back to the gateway country from which they came for reverse asylum (something like that).

So immigrants are asylum-shopping. The United States keeps telling the world that they’re the richest in the world, so who wouldn’t want to forego all that work to achieve what’s already been achieved on the backs of millions of others through the centuries? My question is why did you wait so long?

‘July 4, 1776’ the date the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the United States is the only inscription on the Statue of Liberty.

The plaque citing a poem by Emma Lazarus was applied to the statue in the early 1900s.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

by Emma Lazarus

This quote comes from Emma Lazarus’ sonnet, New Colossus, which she wrote for a fundraiser auction to raise money for the pedestal upon which the Statue of Liberty now sits. The poem did not receive much recognition and was quite forgotten after the auction.

In the early 1900s and after Lazarus’ death, one of her friends began a campaign to memorialize Lazarus and her New Colossus sonnet. The effort was a success, and a plaque with the poem’s text was mounted inside the pedestal of the statute.

Statue of Liberty Poem

Also known as the Statue of Liberty poem, New Colossus and its famous last lines have become part of American history. Here is the sonnet in its entirety:

New Colossus

Statue Of Liberty Poem

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Source for Statue of Liberty >

Guess what Matthew Dowd? Immigrants have changed. When Cuba rises, and it will, guess what the American Cubans will do? Move their campground to a brand-spanking new state of the art island, and they’ll call it theirs – first dibs, we were here before you.

Coca-cola changed their brand. All enterprises change their brand. So did the United States. It’s allowed Matthew. Get over the toilet. It’s not their color, it’s their culture. We don’t want their toilet, that they always bring with them.

It’s not your color, it’s your culture, it’s your habits.

Taking a dump on America has become a favorite past-time of the new immigrant. When they arrive, they arrive thinking they are superior to Americans and American culture. They’re not afraid, they’re emboldened. They act all cocky, like this is THEIR place. THEY OWN IT. It’s not unlike Americans or other nationalities who visit other countries who think the same in the reverse.

It’s a foreign thing. No one thinks of themselves as a foreigner. It’s always the other person, the other country, the other tribe, the other religion, the other political party, the other nationality, the other gender that’s foreign to them, thus not as worthy, and in some instances we are all correct on that. We are not all equal and our practices are not all pleasing to the senses and mindsets of our neighbors. And one should not get used to what is offensive.

Many immigrants have difficulty being considerate of the inhabitants of the country they enter. They know only their own culture and that’s what they bring with them – a superiority mindset that mine is better than yours, and I’ll do what I want here.

If nothing else remember that cultures are not equal, by a long shot. I live among people who eat dogs and sell people and others who don’t obey the rules because they don’t think they  apply to them. They stake a claim when they get here – a physical and a psychological and a social claim. Finally they get to do it their way, that’s freedom to them. Nobody is going to stand in their way.

It’s like the Wild West all over again, only with different players. You see, that scenario should be playing out in the countries they’re coming from, but they don’t want to play it out there. They want to fight it out here for what somebody else made. Just for them. If they make it to this land, then it was their God’s will and now they are free to do whatever they want. Laws don’t apply. They bring that Wild West mentality with them. They’re ready to fight- that’s what staking a claim is all about, defending what you claim to be yours.

Africa and Haiti are shitholes. I found it interesting that the president of Haiti could only muster, in his own tweet, a verbal smashing of president Trump. You might of thought the president of Haiti, who wants to send his poor huddled masses to the United States, and knowing he’d be all over the news, would have offered a solution or two. He proved the ‘lack of ingenuity’ point. Even the president of Haiti lacks ingenuity.

Definition of shithole – an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place. Where I love used to be a beautiful place. It’s the people and their cultrue and their habits that make it a dirty, shabby and otherwise unpleasant place.


The black-capped chickadee nonmigratory bird knows where it’s at.



Zika mosquito: thrives in hot weather, hard to wipe out


…Five things to know about the bug: FIRST IN AFRICA Aedes aegypti is a small, dark, hot weather mosquito with white markings and banded legs. Scientists believe the species originated in Africa, but came to the Americas on slave ships. It’s continued to spread through shipping and airplanes. Now it’s found through much of the world, including cities across the southern United States…

…A CITY DWELLER Aedes aegypti has an unusually cozy relationship with people. While other species thrive in more rural areas, or at least in parks and gardens, this is a domesticated species — sort of a housecat mosquito — accustomed to living in apartment buildings and city centers. It prefers biting people to animals and likes to feed indoors, during daylight hours. It doesn’t venture far. Researchers say it doesn’t travel more than a few hundred yards during its lifetime — usually two to four weeks…

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