Vaccine Designers Pulling The Masks Over The Eyes Of The World

My Experience.

The effects of the original virus before I was vaccinated left, naturally, a long time ago. What stayed were the vaccines, all the COVID symptoms turned to vaccine symptoms absent the fever. Too many vaccines puts one in vaccine overload, which creates more intense symptoms, some old, some new, some that may not go away.

Just like all medicines one gets from pharmacies these days, they warn you in their printouts of side effects, not scientifically proven, but close enough to the insertion or application of the drug to warn people in advance of taking the drug. But for some reason the pharmaceuticals thought vaccines didn’t have side effects beyond a little discomfort at the injection site and maybe in some people a couple days of sluggishness. I don’t recall being given a list of possible side effects upon receiving any vaccine, which in itself seems odd, given that they are distributed with every medicine prescribed. Who were they trying to fool?

They thought if they told you there were no serious side effects, then when you got them you’d attribute them to other factors, not the vaccine. And that’s exactly what I did. It’s like no matter what I ate, drank, wore, washed my clothes with, makeup I used, dish detergent, supplements, shampoo, lotions etc. I still had the side effects. It took from April 2022 to October 2022 to finally look at the vaccine itself.

Nobody could call that jumping to conclusions except the pharmaceuticals and the government (all governments). So when the pharmaceuticals lie and your government backs the lie, who does one turn to, the doctors? They’re in on the same lie. If you can’t trust anybody with your health, except yourself, where does the science land? The same place as everybody else.

I also wasn’t the anti-vaxxer like some may have wanted to portray me, since I took all the vaccines required.

Manipulating the data manipulates the science, in every instance. There is only one reason to manipulate the data and that is to manipulate the science – to pull the masks over everybody’s eyes. To what benefit? Profit. Huge profits, billions upon billions and the government always gets a cut beyond the required payoffs to keep everyone who matters on board with their manipulations.

The reason told that we need more vaccines is not that the vaccine you got has diminished, it’s that the virus mutates, whereby that original vaccine is no longer effective against these new variants.

In effect, we have a bunch of vaccines in our systems that are fully operative, just not against the variants with which we Now come in contact.

What happens? Each time you receive a new, but similar vaccine, it wakes up/activates those similar vaccines that lie dormant, just like the viruses that lie dormant in your system from past viral infections. Remember that vaccines are made from the same material with which viruses are made, minus and/or plus a few different components.

The still fully operative vaccines have nothing to fight except one’s own body, so they go about willy nilly getting frustrated that it can’t find a virus to neutralize, so it gets angry and angrier and slaps the hell out of the cells it was supposedly designed to protect. It’s like a person missing some body parts who still wants to fight, but can’t, so often times turns against itself in frustration.

Then, all bets are off. Any new vaccine becomes another enemy. An enemy that will not go away. It joins forces with the other vaccines no longer effective in fighting viruses, but still on active duty.

And wham, an army tries to destroy that resistant body. The body fails, falls…gets up, fails, falls…gets up again and again and again…VACCINE FATIGUE I’m calling it. It attacks every single cell in every single system – no system is immune to the vaccines.

Another vaccine won’t cure it. I tried. I got a whopping cough vaccine aka Tdap and Td on my list at the CCF of vaccines recommended, thinking the insertion of a different, multi-use, but not so different vaccine (after all, it’s a vaccine) might jolt the COVID vaccines to make them slow down – especially that Pfizer-supercharged Booster #4.

It didn’t work – yet. I’m still hopeful that maybe I’m on a slow train to freedom, while the vaccines are retraining each other to lie dormant, where all viruses no longer contagious traditionally lie.

I’ve since been instructed by the CCF not to take any further COVID vaccines, but they recommended the flu shot, which I am going to decline, since there’s no assurance that it won’t exacerbate my current symptoms.

The reason that most people only need one small pox vaccine in their lifetime is because there were no significant variants, so the vaccine kept working against the virus it was designed to fight – for an entire lifetime of the body.

The COVID virus wasn’t like that, because it was designed to be super contagious, which changes every feature/factor at every level in some way. It wasn’t something that just happened in nature, whereby one person got sick, then the world got sick. It was released as a laboratory construct into the environment.

I believe that Cleveland, Ohio was one of the first ones to get hit. Back in June 2019. Everybody had the so-called flu, highly contagious flu, at least in Cleveland. I was tested for the flu twice just to be sure, by a doctor at the Urgent Care facility. I was diagnosed with an infection by an organism of unknown origin and was consequently hospitalized with pneumonia which at least one doctor disagreed with, since I couldn’t cough up anything of significance, but I was very sick, that continued for a long time after. No one bothering to find out the name of that organism of unknown origin, was in my view more significant. It was reported to the CDC and later withdrawn without a stated reason.

to be continued…

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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