Kirby Manor aka Public Housing

Kirby Manor aka Senior Public Housing

Nothing ever gets better here.

After periods of time complaining and reporting grievances and issues to owners, to a post office box that won’t accept certified or even registered letters, with no response except a form letter from a person who doesn’t exist, people just stop caring about what they can’t change unless they rise up in unison.

That takes a long, concentrated effort that governments globally know how to exploit.

Seniors don’t have the time nor the energy to devote to a cause they’ll never see produce a benefit for them. Do you think the last years of a life well-lived in spite of being paid minimum wages should just be about a rationed roof, rationed food and rationed medical care?

$15 dollars an hour Mitt Romney.

We all were younger once and this is where that low minimum wage that nearly broke our backs and souls led us – to a prison for the elderly called public housing – where nothing ever gets better.

$15 dollars an hour Mitt Romney.

We’re too old to benefit now – except for the ones who still work at low paying jobs into their 70s and 80s – but the younger ones need it. I know, I’ve been there and all the people around me have been there. And this is where we are now. In public senior housing where nothing ever gets better for the rest of our lives.

If nothing else, could you do it for them, the ones who still work, $15.00 an hour effective upon passage of the bill with retaliation rights – for those 62 years and over?

Could you do that for the seniors who still work? How could the business sector who hire them balk? They end up giving their money to their grandkids anyhow – in public housing they do that. They spread the little they have around and it helps everybody. The grandkids are always showing up to get money from Grandma and Grandpa. There’s nothing selfish going on here. They come in with the great grandkids all dressed up to make great Grandma and Grandpa happy.

Raise the minimum wage for the elderly who still work. Do that first. Ease into it, starting with them, like the government eases into everything else. Why leave them out? See how it works.

Oh, and $15.00 an hour for any elder who applies for a job. We still have skills, in case nobody thinks we do.

Is anybody going to hire an old person at $15.00 an hour, when they can hire a young person at $7.00 an hour? From what I see in my neighborhood, there are always help wanted signs in the window of all the shops. Management people are constantly rubbing their foreheads, constantly training new people who then leave when something better comes along.

How about those low paying jobs in the service industries that nobody wants?

How about you Mr. Romney? Do you still have skills? Does Ms. Pelosi still have skills? Do you get $15.00 an hour? Should age determine worthiness?

My name is Sharon Lee Davies-Tight and I am 72 years old. This January I received $4.00 per month raise in my social security check, which is now, after medicare $507.00 per month – even in the five week months.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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